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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

General questions about product evaluations

  • What if the product I want to evaluate isn't on the list?
    Many products offer trial versions and demos. If you don't see what you need on the developerWorks evaluation software page, check the IBM trials and demos page.

Free products

Downloadable trials

  • I have a slow Internet connection. Will the file take a long time to download?
    All trials can be downloaded with the local install method, which uses either the traditional HTTP protocol or the newer Download Director. Download Director offers high-performance and pause and resume capability. In many cases, additional download methods are available. Download Director starts in a separate browser window where you can specify the download location and view download status. When it's available, we recommend choosing Download Director over the HTTP protocol. For help with Download Directory, see Download Director FAQs.
  • Is there a faster way to download a file?
    When it's available, the Web install using IBM Installation Manager is even simpler to use than Download Director. Installation Manager makes it easier for you to download and install trial code for many IBM software products. Once installed, it can be used to update the software that you have previously installed and to install additional software. An especially nice feature is the ability to select multiple download files to be installed in one step. If you have Installation Manager already installed, choose the appropriate download link. For help with IBM Installation Manager, see the IBM Installation Manager FAQs.

Sandbox trials (online trials)

  • Do I need special software to use an online trial?
    The sandbox uses the Citrix XenApp Presentation Server to connect your workstation to the remote server running the IBM product you are evaluating. You only have to download and install the Citrix XenApp Web plugin that runs on your operating system. This is a one-time installation, which allows you to log into any dW sandbox. Once you've registered, you'll be redirected to a page from which you can access the pre-configured IBM product through the Citrix plugin. Extra help for connection questions is provided in the Online trial connectivity FAQs.
  • How can I tell if a product is offered in a sandbox environment?
    Only some products are available in a sandbox. Look for a checkmark in the "Sandbox" column on the Download, try, or buy page, check the Sandbox tab on that page, or notice the "Sandbox" text tab on the Try tab of the product page.

Products in a cloud computing environment

  • What if I've already bought a license for a product that is available on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud? Am I just out of luck?
    No, not at all! If you already own licenses for IBM products, you can apply them to those products running on the Amazon EC2 platform. To find out how your license converts to usage time, see PVUs required for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

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Got more questions?

  • I still have further questions about IBM product trials on developerWorks that are not covered in this FAQ. Where can I ask these questions?
    For questions about online trials, you may post further questions at the forum for solutions to problems connecting to developerWorks online trials monitored by the dW product evaluations team.
  • I'm considering buying a product. Where do I go for more information?
    For an individual product, look for the Ready to buy link in the right column of the evaluation software page for that product. See the entire list of IBM software products in the IBM software online catalogue.

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