Continuous delivery of software-driven innovation

Introducing the IBM DevOps approach

The IBM DevOps approach speeds up and sustains the software-driven innovation you're planning, developing, testing, and delivering. Regardless of whether your focus is in mobile development, cloud hosting, big data analysis, or social business, you can continuously release better software and services faster, at lower cost and with less risk.

IBM DevOps works by engaging and aligning all participants in the software delivery lifecycle — business teams; architects, developers, and testers; and IT operations and production — around a single, shared goal: sustained innovation, fueled by continuous delivery and shaped by continuous feedback.

What does it take to adopt it?

Organizations that embrace the IBM DevOps approach follow four guiding principles.

A culture of collaborative learning is crucial

Agile development and automation accelerate innovation

Feedback loops reduce time to feedback

The whole system shapes the goals

More perspectives on adopting IBM DevOps

IBM DevOps overview

Addressing culture, process, and tools integration across the software delivery lifecycle | 2:25

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Why DevOps is important

IBM's approach delivers

Develop, test, refine, repeat. Smile.

Mobile Quality Assurance: Application testing in the cloud.

DevOps for Dummies

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How the term "DevOps" is evolving

"DevOps" doesn't mean what it used to, explains Maciej Zawadzki, IBM Director of Deploy and Release products | 3:25

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