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Recommended practices for using Cognos with Informix, Part 1: Deploy Informix with IBM Cognos Express 9

Install, configure, and tune

Sreeni Paidi, Enablement Consultant, IBM
Sreeni Paidi photo
Sreeni Paidi is an Enablement Consultant with the IBM Information Management Technology Ecosystem organization. Sreeni has about 15 years of experience working on DB2, Informix, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server database servers as a Database Programmer, DBA and an Integration Architect. Sreeni is part of a worldwide team that provides technical skills and consulting services to help business partners and customers accelerate the integration of IBM data management software with their applications.
Jeffrey Williamson (, Senior Consultant, JCB Partners
A picture of the author Jeffrey Williamson
Jeffrey Williamson is a Senior Consultant and Southern California Market Lead for JCB Partners. Jeffrey has 4 years of experience implementing IBM Cognos Analyst, IBM Cognos Contributor and IBM Cognos TM1 as both a builder and a design architect. He has worked with clients in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutics, gaming and hospitality, retail, and restaurants. He is part of a team that helps organizations optimize the resources they have and better align their time and skills with the value of the organization.

Summary:  Connecting your IBM® Informix® databases to IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence software gives you a way to unleash the power of your data with expanded query, reporting, and analysis capabilities. If you're ready to take that step, this two-part tutorial series gives you the information you need to install, configure, and deploy the necessary components to achieve the best results. Part 1 gets you started with using IBM Cognos Express V9 together with IBM Informix V11.5 as a content store and data source. In Part 2, you'll get the same level of detail for deploying Informix with IBM Cognos BI Server V10. The tutorials include recommended practices for each step along the way, based on lessons learned from real-world deployments on the Microsoft® Windows® operating system.

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Date:  30 Jun 2010
Level:  Intermediate PDF:  A4 and Letter (1203 KB | 22 pages)Get Adobe® Reader®

Activity:  18402 views

Before you start

Before you begin this tutorial, read about what is covered in this tutorial, what the prerequisites are, and the system requirements.

About this series

This series has two parts. In the first part, the recommended practices for deploying Cognos Express software with Informix are covered. In the second part the recommended practices for deploying Cognos BI Server software with Informix as a content store and a data source are covered.

About this tutorial

This tutorial walks you through the steps to install and configure IBM Cognos Express and IBM Informix Server, how to test connectivity between the two, and then tune Informix for optimal performance.


This tutorial is intended for system administrators and application administrators who are interested in deploying IBM Cognos Express version 9 with IBM Informix version 11.5 as an operational data mart on Windows Server 2003. You should have a general familiarity with installing software on Microsoft Windows.

System requirements

To run the examples in this tutorial, you need a Windows 2003 server with at least 2 GB of memory, and local Administrator user access on the Windows box. You will also need access to Informix 11.5 server software, Informix Connect software, and Cognos Express 9 software.

About IBM Cognos Express software

IBM Cognos Express is a business intelligence and planning solution that integrates the following IBM Cognos products with a central application used for installation and administration.

  • IBM Cognos Express Advisor - using the analysis features of IBM Cognos Executive Viewer, IBM Cognos Express Advisor enables you to quickly move from raw data to high-impact analysis and visualizations. Conduct powerful 'what if' scenario modeling using simple point-and-click.

  • IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator - using the performance management capabilities of IBM Cognos Advisor, IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator allows you to transform common spreadsheets for planning and analysis, and optimize large, highly complex data sets with real-time response. Gain more insight through multi-dimensional analysis while retaining a familiar Excel interface.

  • IBM Cognos Express Reporter - using the querying and reporting power of IBM Cognos 8, IBM Cognos Express Reporter empowers business users to access, modify and author reports with complete self-service reporting and ad hoc query capabilities. Access any type of data, including relational, analytical OLAP, or desktop files, and deliver your reports via the web, PDF, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, email, or portal.

  • IBM Cognos Express Manager - provides the ability to install, configure and administer all IBM Cognos Express products. You can publish data sources, add users and secure business content in one central, easy-to-use application.

About IBM Informix software

IBM Informix software has unmatched high availability, is deeply embedded, has blazing performance, zero administration, and data warehousing characteristics, which makes it a perfect relational database offering for any size business. Please see the Resources section to read the article by Carlton Doe for more information on IBM Informix 11 software editions.

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TutorialTitle=Recommended practices for using Cognos with Informix, Part 1: Deploy Informix with IBM Cognos Express 9