InfoSphere Data Replication (SQL Replication)

Information roadmap

This roadmap shows the information resources available for SQL Replication.





  • Planning for SQL Replication (Information Center)
    Describes how to plan for migration, memory, storage, conflict detection, and other details of a SQL Replication environment.
  • Configuring servers for SQL Replication (Information Center)
    Describes connectivity, authorization, setting up control tables, setting up the replication programs, and setting up journals.
  • Setting up for federated SQL Replication (PDF)
    Download PDF versions of the WebSphere Information Integration Administration Guide for Federated Systems and WebSphere Information Integration Configuration Guide for Federated Data Sources for details on setting up for heterogeneous SQL Replication.
  • Feeding a data warehouse, Part 1 (Article)
    Learn about the technology involved in integrating SQL Replication with InfoSphere DataStage to create high-performance, real time feeds for a data warehouse.
  • Feeding a data warehouse, Part 2 (Tutorial)
    Take a tutorial that steps you through the setup of SQL Replication staging tables and InfoSphere DataStage to trickle feed a data warehouse.
  • Registering tables and views as SQL Replication sources (Information Center)
    Describes how to identify tables and views as replication sources, specify which columns you want to replicate, and set the properties for capturing data and changes from the source.
  • Subscribing to sources for SQL Replication (Information Center)
    Describes how to plan and define a subscription for your target tables or views so that they receive the source data and the changes from those sources.


Monitoring and tuning

  • Replication Alert Monitor (Information Center)
    Topics describe how to create and operate a Monitor and include information about system commands and control tables.
  • SQL Replication tuning (Information Center)
    Explains how to tune DB2 and the replication programs for optimal SQL Replication performance.

Problem determination



  • Using SQL Replication (Classroom course)
    Three-day course that shows you how to use SQL replication capabilities of DB2 9 to replicate between DB2 systems, and also between DB2 and non-DB2 systems. Covers replication on DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows.
  • SQL Replication: Advanced Topics (Classroom course)
    Two-day course that teaches advanced functions of SQL replication, such as the command-line processor, signal table usage, the general trace facility, and alert monitoring.