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Developing DB2 schema using IBM Explorer in VS.NET
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Loading the test data

Inserting records using Preview DataPage 1 of 1

To quickly insert test data into our Inventory table using the Preview Data feature of the IBM Explorer:

  1. Expand the Tables folder of your data connection.
  2. Right click on the Inventory table and select Retrieve Data.... This will show the Inventory[Data] designer with the table data displayed in a read/write data grid.
  3. Insert the following data record:


  4. Click Update. This will propagate the new records insertions to the DB2 server.
  5. Click Refresh to ensure that your updates have been propagated to the server correctly.
  6. Close the designer to close this window.

Alternately, you can execute this statement:

('0001', 'Cups', 'WH001', 50, 100, 20),
('0002', 'Plates', 'WH001', 5, 20, 10),
('0003', 'Forks', 'WH002', 70, 50, 25),
('0004', 'Spoons', 'WH002', 45, 40, 15),
('0005', 'Knives', 'WH002', 23, 60, 30)

If you want to verify the records insertions, re-issue the Retrieve Data menu action and check to see that the data rows are listed.

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