IBM DB2 e-kit for Database Professionals


If you're a DBA or database developer currently working with Oracle or another relational database management system, learn how easy it is to get trained and certified for IBM® DB2® for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows®. Features introduced in DB2 9.7 make it very easy to reuse your PL/SQL knowledge since DB2 has out-of-the-box support for Oracle's SQL and PL/SQL dialects. DB2 9.7 makes it easy to move applications, reduces enablement costs, and brings a radically lower total cost of ownership.

Expand your skills portfolio, or extend your DBMS vendor support to include DB2. You'll find that you're already almost there.

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Free workshop

  • IBM DB2 Workshop for Oracle Professionals (in-person version and self-paced version)

    The IBM DB2 Workshop for Database Professionals is a no-charge technical, hands-on session designed to help you quickly and easily extend your existing skills to IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows. The workshop assumes you have experience with relational database systems and PL/SQL technology. It teaches the differences and advantages of IBM DB2, comparing DB2 to the technologies with which you are already familiar. This course is offered as an in-person learning workshop, which is the recommended way to complete the class so you can interact with others and also take advantage of free certification testing. A self-paced version of this workshop is also available to provide increased flexibility and an opportunity to learn on your own schedule. The lectures and labs are taken from the in-person workshop with recordings by the instructors. The self-paced version does not include certification testing. See the current in-person workshop schedule or access the self-paced version of the workshop.




  • Icon to designate a videoNative PL/SQL Support
    This demo showcases native support for PL/SQL in DB2 9.7, which makes it easy to enable Oracle applications, procedures, packages, and more to DB2.
  • Icon to designate a videoCLP Plus
    This demo shows the new Command Line Processor, CLP Plus, in DB2 9.7. CLP Plus makes it easy to edit and execute SQL statements, scripts, reports, procedures, functions, and more. It also supports scripts written for Oracle SQL*Plus.
  • Icon to designate a videoDB2 pureScale: Scalability
    This video highlights how easily and instantly you can scale your workloads by simply adding a member to the DB2 pureScale cluster. It also shows how quickly DB2 pureScale recovers in case of a member failure.

Knowledge path

Redbooks and publications


  • Oracle and DB2 - An Architectural Comparison (MyMeetings Conferencing): Many database professionals and DBAs often ask how DB2 and Oracle compare architecturally, that is, how they are different and similar at their core. They also ask what are the equivalent concepts, names, and commands in the other database system. This free webinar will answer those questions. (31 Mar 2011)
  • Enabling applications from Oracle to DB2 the easy way (channelDB2): Join experts from the DB2 labs to learn more about what Oracle compatibility means in DB2. Hear their firsthand Oracle to DB2 9.7 porting/enablement experiences.

Communities and resources

  • International DB2 Users Group: An independent, user-run organization that supports and strengthens the information services community by providing education and services designed to promote the effective use of the DB2 family of products. 
  • DB2 Database Professionals community: Join the DB2 discussion community on My developerWorks and see what your peers with multi-vendor database experience have to say about IBM DB2.
  • Information Management community: Get involved in the Information Management community by participating in the developerWorks blogs, forums, and wikis.
  • Getting started with DB2 LUW: Compiled for those less experienced with IBM DB2, this page is designed to help you get started and takes about two hours to complete.
  • DB2 Tech Talk Series: Provides a wealth of information on a variety of DB2 and related tools and topics using skill-building sessions with presenters, often from the DB2 labs.
  • Information Management tools with open source: Learn how to use PHP and other open source tools with DB2 and other IBM products.
  • IBM Information Management products and XML page: Find information about how DB2 and other IBM products support XML technology.
  • New to XML: Intended as a quick learning tool, this page contains ten questions and answers about the XML technology.

Advanced DB2 topics

Once you have completed the above material designed to help you leverage existing database skills and PL/SQL knowledge, the following articles can help you learn more and get "hands-on" with IBM DB2.

Software downloads

  • IBM DB2 Express-C (no charge): Download the free IBM DB2 Express-C community edition, which can be used as part of a production system, embedded and distributed in applications, or simply used for development purposes.
  • Trial: DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows: Download this trial software to see for yourself how to simplify administration, lower storage costs, improve performance, and more.
  • IBM Data Studio (no charge): Download this integrated, modular environment for productive administration of DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows that also provides collaborative database development tools for Informix, Oracle, and Sybase databases.


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