IBM DB2 Technology Preview

Preview technology that's still in the lab

Welcome to the IBM® DB2® Technology Preview. Here's a more active approach to explore the new technologies that are being considered across IBM. We felt it was important to provide DB2 technologies that our clients can experiment with and have a forum mechanism to get feedback from other customers and react to that feedback.

Introducing the IBM DB2 Technology Preview

This site is designed for the developer or database administrator interested in DB2 and gives an opportunity to preview emerging technologies that are still in the lab. One of the primary goals of the site is to collaborate with partners and clients early in technology conception, prototyping, and iterative development cycles. These technologies may or may not be aligned with announced products. The features or technologies in the download do not represent a commitment or obligation on the part of IBM.

What's new in this release

The JSON technology is the preferred choice for application development in this new era of social media, mobile and cloud computing. It is a simple, flexible, agile, portable data interchange format that helps simplify DBA tasks and reduces system overhead.

JSON technology is now part of general DB2 features. In conjunction with the newly announced support for MongoDB API, application developers can:

Next steps

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