Stay ahead: Cloud resources to supplement the Innovate 2013 experience

Dive deeper into the conference insights with these developerWorks resources

At Innovate 2013: The IBM® Technical Summit, you'll receive the insights you need to stay ahead of the major trends "re-innovating" system and software delivery throughout the DevOps cycle — cloud, mobile, social collaboration, big data, agile, and analytics. On a personal note, the insights you gain can help you stay ahead in your career goals through tech and business knowledge from peers, IBM experts, and IBM clients. This article offers some developerWorks cloud resources to supplement your conference experience.


Kane Scarlett, Freelance technologist

Kane ScarlettKane Scarlett is a technology journalist/analyst with 20 years in the business, working for such publishers as National Geographic, Population Reference Bureau, Miller Freeman, and IDG, and managing, editing, and writing for such august journals as JavaWorld, LinuxWorld, and of course, developerWorks.

03 June 2013

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Innovate 2013: The IBM Technical Summit provides more than 450 outcome-driven sessions, a cutting-edge Expo, labs, and certifications. In this short article, you'll find Innovate resources and a few appropriate resources from the developerWorks network to supplement your learning experience.

Session tracks: Practical guidance, immediate results

The Innovate 2013 curriculum features two streams:

  • Technical Exchange @Innovate. This stream is designed for software practitioners and product and systems engineers to exchange strategies, tips, and techniques to improve the individual productivity for all professionals engaged in software, systems, and product development. Sessions in this stream offer tangible, implementable strategies which return quantifiable benefits that improve individual efficiency and quality and reduce risk and time to market.
  • Team Directions @Innovate. This stream is dedicated to improving the efficiency of product development and software delivery teams. Sessions in this stream focus on the current state of product and software development, team dynamics, and broad reaching strategies that focus on the interrelationships between the different roles and the different organizations that must come together to deliver products, systems, and software.

The Technical Exchange stream is development business as usual, focusing on how to accomplish a technical goal; the Team Directions concerns itself with sharpening and refining between development team members' interactions.

Let's look at some of the cloud-oriented tracks in these sessions.

Technical Exchange @Innovate

Although you can probably find cloud-oriented sessions in any of the individual tracks, some of the tracks are ripe with cloud development knowledge, including application development, architecture and design, model-based systems engineering, building and deploying, and mobile development.

Application development. The application development sessions explore agile, traditional, and hybrid methods for end-to-end design, development, testing and deployment of software for professionals building enterprise web applications, apps for mobile platforms, delivering applications to the cloud, or integrating software across multi-platform systems to create new systems-of-systems. To prepare you for these conference insights, try the following developerWorks resources:

Architecture and design/Model-based systems engineering. In addition to treating architecture and design as a discreet topic and a model-based approach as critical to success, these sessions focus on architectural frameworks; they also focus on patterns and practices that aid in the creation of robust, resilient software architectures. Here are a few developerWorks resources:

Build and deploy. To streamline the flow of information and remove critical bottlenecks, you can automate the software assembly and delivery processes in an agile way through best practices and policies. Here are some developerWorks resources:

Mobile development. A cloud without a strong working mobile component is only taking advantage of a small percentage of the cloud's potential. The sessions in this track address solutions to manage the complexity of developing and testing mobile applications in an agile team environment. Check out the following developerWorks resources:

Team Directions @Innovate

Again, there are cloud-related resources in each of the tracks, but the following can potentially present lots of knowledge for cloud practitioners.

Agile and DevOps. Leveraging agile has proven to gives organizations a competitive edge, allowing them to deliver working products faster with higher quality. Sessions cover the spectrum of the agile journey, including tips for successful agile adoption, techniques for extending agile practices to large and distributed teams and practical guidance on how to effectively scale agile to address issues such as regulatory compliance, outsourcing, and complex multi-platform and embedded systems development.

The DevOps sessions address best practices for aligning development and operations, including collaboration and communication strategy, process integration and automation, application performance optimization, and cooperative problem life cycle management.

To get you started on this journey, check out the following resources:

Big data. Remember, 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data every day; coming from everything and from everywhere. The sessions at Innovate help you learn how to leverage big data to improve existing processes, detect potential problems more quickly, and understand how customers feel about your products and services. Some resources to get you started:

Cloud itself. These sessions focus on IBM SmartCloud and IBM Rational offerings that leverage the cloud to deliver development and test environments or simplify and accelerate software delivery, exploring how clients can successfully establish the right foundation of public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. See the next section for resources on this intersection of technology and product.

Life cycle management. The goal is to increase quality AND deliver faster AND reduce cost; even in the face of growing development environment complexity. Oh, and don't forget the expanding demand for more functionality and desire to increase input into the process from more people at more entry points. These sessions focus on best practices and new and redesigned capabilities to help connect these previously disconnected activities. There are resources on this topic in the section on Rational products.

Mobile delivery. Although some aspects of mobile applications development are the same as that of traditional software, mobile development and delivery has many unique challenges and these sessions focus on those challenges by detailing comprehensive team-based mobile development life cycle solutions that help ensure that applications are delivered on-time with high quality and meet business objectives. See the previous section for resources on this intersection of technology and access.

Other learning resources at Innovate

Among learning resources besides the session tracks, you'll find:

Rational software and the cloud

This is a Rational-sponsored conference and Rational products provide lots of automated shortcuts to help you design, build, and deliver applications and services to a cloud environment, as well as help you manage a cloud ecosystem. Some examples from a technical perspective include:



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