Impact on cloud: Technology in motion

Resources to supplement Impact 2013 sessions

At the IBM® Impact 2013 conference, learn how to combine business with the important current technologies — mobile, social, cloud, and big data — in order to re-imagine operations and processes for peak competitiveness. We've prepared a supplement of developerWorks cloud resources that complement the cloud session tracks at the conference to help you get the most out of your experience.


Kane Scarlett, Freelance technologist

Kane ScarlettKane Scarlett is a technology journalist/analyst with 20 years in the business, working for such publishers as National Geographic, Population Reference Bureau, Miller Freeman, and IDG, and managing, editing, and writing for such august journals as JavaWorld, LinuxWorld, and of course, developerWorks.

26 April 2013

The Impact 2013 technology program provides more than 500 sessions you can choose from that give you the opportunity to develop new skills and find solutions to the IT challenges within your enterprise. The sessions take shape as lectures, hands-on labs, expert panels, customer stories, real-world implementation talks, and the ever-popular Developer Unconference).

The cloud computing sessions at the conference focus on IBM® SmartCloud® and cloud product offerings, exploring how clients can successfully re-imagine their operations and processes to boost their ability to compete to a level of peak performance.

The Mobile Enterprise track at Impact 2013 is focusing on SoMoClo (which is a shorthand for Social-Mobile-Cloud) — basically promoting a way of thinking about integration of these trending technologies with commercial operations and processes in order to get the most out of your existing IT resources and expand your capabilities through the smart application of newer technologies.

This Impact theme is an excellent way to look at how to manage an organization in today's economic environment — achieving efficiency through reuse and repurposing, increasing the interactivity range of your tools, combining existing with new technologies to expand your organization's reach into markets and to better satisfy the demands of the customers you already serve.

To discover the impact Impact can have on your operations, take a look at these expert insights from Impact 2012.

This article links you to existing developerWorks resources that support the Impact 2013 technology tracks so you can expand the knowledge you earn at the conference. Or you can follow this trail backwards and dive into the developerWorks resources first, then track down the individual conference sessions that correspond to your interests later.

Trends and directions: Toward agility

Explore how cloud solutions improve operating agility and speed the delivery of new systems and applications.

Application support: Infrastructure, standardization, automation

Discover how application infrastructure virtualization can help you enable dynamic performance of systems and applications.

Mobile: SoMoClo + Commerce

A bundle is stronger than its parts. Bundling cloud with other new technologies (as well as existing ones) is key to keeping your business in motion. Here's a range of information on how to use mobile as an integrated partner to the cloud environment.

System management

Three major topics when it comes to cloud management are security, business processes, and analytics.

IBM PureSystems (and virtual patterns) as an industry solution

Discover how expert integrated systems can fundamentally change the experience and economics of IT with built-in expertise, integration by design, and a simplified experience, making it possible to consolidate operations, optimize resources, innovate to respond to changing demand, and analyze large volumes of real-time and historical data for patterns and insights for better business outcomes.

Virtual patterns play a key role in realizing expert integrated systems.



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