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David Barnes demos how to start developing and deploying apps on IBM's cloud platform

05 October 2015
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Getting started with IBM Bluemix

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Author photo - David Barnes

David Barnes

Emerging Technology Program Director, IBM Cloud


In this video, I show you how to start developing and deploying applications using cloud-based services on IBM Bluemix.

Simply put, Bluemix is a place for software developers to go to quickly create, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud — without dealing with any of the underlying infrastructure. Just go to Bluemix and create your free trial account. You'll receive a verification email, and once you accept that, you're in.

The best way to get started is to go to bluemix.net, sign up for a free trial account, check it out yourself, and see just how quickly you can create applications in the cloud.

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With your Bluemix account, you have access to runtimes (all the resources you need to run an app) and a vast catalog of services that provide instant functionality for your running app. You can do all the cool things that I do in this video. Because Bluemix is built on Cloud Foundry, an open source cloud platform, the approach to building and deploying apps is simple:

  1. Choose the runtime that you want to use (such as Node, Java, PHP, Go, Python, or Ruby)
  2. Choose the services from the Bluemix catalog that you want in your app
  3. Deploy your app by pushing your code up (directly from your Eclipse workspace, for example, or via the Cloud Foundry command line)

Follow along in the video as I start at my dashboard in Bluemix and build a hypothetical Node application for an insurance company. My app lets customers get information about their financial portfolios, so I add a Cloudant database to store the customer information. I also add a Watson Q & A service to add customer support to the app.

In the video, I also include helpful tips, such as how to easily create a Git repository for your code, how to import existing code or export from Bluemix, how to scale your application by adding more instances and memory, and how to get answers to your questions from the very active Bluemix developer community.

Got a Bluemix question?


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What's next?


Continue learning in the "Bluemix fundamentals" tutorial series on developerWorks:

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More Bluemix resources


For a steady stream of tutorials and other technical resources to help you learn, develop, and connect with Bluemix, see the Bluemix page on developerWorks.

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