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IBM unveils Bluemix Local and accelerates its hybrid cloud capabilities!


  • Migrate a LAMP application to Bluemix

    95Use the mysql  and Object Storage services to migrate a Drupal app  to the cloud.

    Chun Bin Tang / 18 September 2015

  • Build a Bluemix mobile app in four days

    95Discover the  benefits of building with Bluemix and how it combats  everyday developer  challenges.

    Joshua Carr / 15 September 2015

  • IBM acquires StrongLoop

    95Discover how  this new partnership creates the most comprehensive  and open API platform in the industry. Join us in  the march to 1 million APIs.

    Jerry Cuomo / 10 September 2015

  • IBM Cloud Dragon Dojo: Episode 1

    95Discover the  technology that is shaping the future of cloud  development in this new video series. In episode 1,  Angel Diaz and Dan Berg discuss how to be an  effective developer in today's open  world.

    Dr. Angel Diaz / 09 September 2015

  • Provision Docker containers with Ansible

    95Explore why and  how to use Ansible to manage Docker containers in  the cloud.

    Xavier Bruhiere / 03 September 2015

  • Best practices for IoT development

    95Apply good  mobile development patterns to IoT development to  make your IoT "thing" more likely to  succeed.

    Andrew Fisher / 02 September 2015

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  • Blue Box and SoftLayer

    IBM Blue Box Cloud, powered by OpenStack, is now available in any of IBM's globally integrated cloud data centers running SoftLayer infrastructure.




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