IBM Business Process Management Journal

Issue 7.1: March 25, 2015

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The spring 2015 issue of the IBM Business Process Management Journal welcomes the recent release of IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) with an issue devoted entirely to IBM ODM, including Decisions Server Insights, which is available with IBM ODM Advanced V8.7. Authors with experience in diverse aspects of IBM ODM and Decision Server Insights share their knowledge and experience with decision management.

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    The new age of business events

    by Scott Simmons
    The new Decision Server Insights offering in IBM ODM Advanced V8.7 provides a solution that advances complex events processing to a new level with a foundation on a rich distributed architecture to enable real-time decision management.

In this issue

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    Install and configure a Decision Server Insights reference topology

    by Jose De Freitas and Peter Johnson
    Learn how to install and configure an IBM ODM Decision Server Insights runtime production environment that meets non-functional requirements, including high availability, security and recoverability. The layout of the components of the environment described in this tutorial constitutes the Decision Server Insights reference topology.

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    Implementing Smarter Process decisions

    by Scott Simmons, Hector H. Diaz, and Irina Singh
    In our work assisting clients with smarter process applications, we are asked to detail leading practices for integrating decision services with business process management solutions. One question we encounter is when to use IBM Business Process Manager rules and when to use IBM ODM. The answer to this question is use-case specific, but there are criteria to consider for the target solution. This tutorial discusses the decisions to consider when developing applications that integrate business process management with decision services and provides a detailed example to illustrate the concepts.

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    Simplify complex code with OSGi services in Decision Server Insights rules

    by Jose De Freitas and Lewis E. Evans
    Integrate Open Service Gateway initiative services into IBM Operational Decision Manager: Learn how to create an OSGi service and a corresponding business object model to make extended capabilities part of the natural rules language in IBM ODM. This tutorial shows how to use the OSGi service in a business rule as an integral part of your Decision Server Insights solution.

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    Complement business rule debugging in IBM Operational Decision Manager with a logging framework

    by Neil Delima
    Logging and tracing play an integral role in problem diagnosis and understanding the flow of many applications. Common logging methods such as adding print statements placed through the code are often used to trace the flow of an application or a component during development. However, this method falls short on scalability and flexibility by making it difficult to dynamically and easily change and control the amount and destination of logged information. A logging framework, such as the logging APIs available in Java SE or Apache Log4J, provide feature rich, flexible logging mechanisms that aid with debugging and tracing.

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    Improve performance for IBM Operational Decision Manager, Part 1: Reduce rule execution time

    by U. Siddiqui
    IBM ODM offers a variety of options for optimal performance. Each organization's environment and needs are unique, so guidance about settings to increase performance and to streamline resource management is essential. This tutorial provides a brief overview of the different IBM ODM modules, how they interact with each other, and recommended settings for performance improvements that have been found to have the most impact on rule execution.

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    Improve your IBM ODM test environment with DVS Made Easier

    by Emilis Venckevicius and Stefanie Wüstemann
    Learn practical ways to get up and running with DVS Made Easier, a testing approach for the Decision Validation Services (DVS) test framework that is available with IBM ODM. DVS Made Easier is a design pattern that was initially designed by Francis Friedlander in 2011, and since then has been used by other IBMers, clients, and business partners who are working with IBM ODM.

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