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Issue 7.2: June 24, 2015

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The summer 2015 issue of the IBM Business Process Management Journal gathers together content that helps you improve the experience for end users of your IBM Business Process Manager process applications, focusing on Process Portal, dashboards, and coaches. Content covers all phases of designing and using interfaces, from how you can design your business processes in the very early brainstorming phases by combining an affinity diagram approach with IBM Blueworks Live, to how you can customize coaches for your particular organization, and how you can integrate them into a mobile environment. This issue also includes a comparison of capabilities of runtime monitoring dashboards in both IBM Business Monitor and IBM Business Process Manager, and tips for troubleshooting browser migration issues.

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    Comparing IBM Business Process Manager dashboards to IBM Business Monitor

    by Kip Harris and Sameh Nasef
    Solution architects can add custom monitoring to an IBM Business Process Manager solution with either the tools built into IBM Business Process Manager or by adding the IBM Business Monitor product to the solution. This tutorial explores these two alternatives by showing how to develop custom dashboards for a sample business scenario. It discusses findings and makes recommendations on selecting the best fit for your situation.

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