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  • Develop business processes and case applications together in IBM Business Process Manager

    A business process, which is structured, is repeatable, and seldom changes. A case application, which is a dynamic, unstructured process, can be altered at run time by a person selecting the tasks that are most appropriate to the situation. Both types of processes are supported in IBM Business Process Manager (BPM). This tutorial shows how to build a business process and a case application inside an IBM BPM process application. Also, learn how to use a linked process to share data between the two types of processes.

  • Editor's picks: Top 10 Bluemix tutorials for business process management

    Now updated for 2016: Read some of the best developerWorks content about integrating IBM Bluemix with Smarter Process environments. Authors share how to use Business Rules and Workflow services in Bluemix and how to integrate IBM Business Process Manager solutions with IBM Watson services on Bluemix.

  • Integrate IBM BPM with IBM Watson: Build a virtual agent for an IBM BPM application with the Watson Dialog service on IBM Bluemix

    With the Watson Dialog service on IBM Bluemix, you can create conversations, commonly referred to as dialogs, between virtual agent applications and your IBM BPM process users. Human users and virtual agents can have natural, free-flowing, and human-like conversations. A sample application demonstrates how you can enhance the experience for users of an IBM BPM process application with a virtual agent that is supported by the Watson Dialog service.

  • Do more with the IBM Blueworks Live REST API series

    Read the complete series series about the Representational State Transfer (REST) API for IBM Blueworks Live. In Part 1, explore the Blueworks Live REST API resources with a generic testing tool. In Part 2, learn how to use Blueworks Live REST API resources interactively with cURL. In Part 3, write Java applications with the Blueworks Live REST API.

  • Develop Advanced Integration services for IBM Business Process Manager V8.5.6

    Explore the new option in IBM BPM Advanced V8.5.6 to create and deploy Advanced Integration services in a separate module managed outside of IBM Process Center. Learn how to implement Advanced Integration services and how to use them in a process or service created with IBM Process Designer.

  • Does IBM BPM = agile development? The subtle differences between iterative business process management and agile development practices

    Learn some of the subtle differences in the approaches used to deliver IBM BPM processes and agile applications. This tutorial draws on experiences gained from more than a decade of IBM BPM customer engagements from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

  • Configure the IBM Process Federation Server to give your IBM BPM process users a single point of access

    With the different development paths for Business Process Choreographer and Business Process Designer in IBM BPM, varied deployment environments, and coexistence of multiple product versions, the demand for one user interface for interacting with tasks related to both business process definitions and Business Process Execution Language is becoming more urgent. Learn how to install and configure the IBM Process Federation Server to work with two back-end IBM BPM systems. Give your IBM BPM process users a single point of access to all their tasks.

  • Diversify your IBM ODM application with Bluemix and the Business Rules service series

    The Business Rules service on Bluemix minimizes your code changes by keeping business logic separate from application logic, and provides the capability for decision management on Bluemix. Part 1 provides a brief overview of the service and details how to diversify existing on-premise IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) applications to also use the Business Rules service. Part 2 shows how to configure tracing and performance for this new environment.

  • Integrate Docker in your IBM Operational Decision Manager environment

    IBM ODM application developers who are new to Docker might consider adding Docker to their development process. This tutorial shows how to build a Docker image for an IBM ODM Rule Execution Server and Decision Center that run on a WebSphere Liberty server. You also learn how to run the Rule Execution Server and Decision Center in a container from the Docker image.

  • Exposing an IBM BPM process to a mobile device with IBM MobileFirst

    Generate an IBM MobileFirst application that interacts with IBM BPM V8.5.6 through a secure adapter so that authorized users of your process application can activate, work on, and complete tasks from their mobile devices. By enabling mobile workers to interact with the processes, enterprises can significantly optimize business responsiveness, increase worker productivity, and improve processing times.

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