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Analytic applications

Cognos Consumer Insight
Provides monitoring, reporting and analysis of social media
Cognos Customer Performance Sales Analytics
Packaged reporting and analysis that measure sales productivity and performance
Cognos Workforce Performance
Packaged reporting and analysis on talent acquisition, development, retention, performance and compensation
Cognos Financial Performance General Ledger Analytics
Packaged reporting and analysis for general ledger, accounts receivables and payables
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Business intelligence

Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel
Create secure, refreshable business intelligence content inside Excel spreadsheets
Cognos Business Intelligence
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Reports, analysis, scorecards, dashboards, alerts, and ETL from a single, services-based architecture

Cognos Business Intelligence for Linux on System z
Broad enterprise-scale business intelligence capabilities on the System z platform
Cognos Business Intelligence for z/OS
Reports and analysis capabilities that can scale to meet the needs of your entire enterprise on a single platform
Cognos Collaboration
Connect people and insights for better business results
Cognos Express
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Deliver the essential reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities for midsize companies
Cognos Insight
Answer business questions on your own using this personal analytics solution
Cognos Mashup Service
Express content from Cognos Business Intelligence as a web service
Cognos for Microsoft Office
View, consume, and refresh trusted Cognos content within Microsoft® Office applications
Cognos Mobile
Access rich and interactive business intelligence on mobile devices
Cognos Real-time Monitoring
Get a real-time view of streaming, up-to-the-second information
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Decision management

SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services
Virtually design and deploy analytical jobs that include multiple steps and tools
SPSS Decision Management
Power the full survey life cycle from authoring through data collection and reporting
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Performance management

Clarity 7
Corporate performance management
Cognos Controller
Deliver complete financial results, create financial and management reports, and provide an enterprise view of key ratios and metrics
Cognos Planning
Develop budgets and forecasts faster and more efficiently
Cognos TM1
Facilitate dynamic planning, forecasting and profitability analysis
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Predictive analytics

Predictive Maintenance and Quality
Deliver immediate predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive insights to help reduce operational costs, improve asset productivity, and increase process efficiency
SPSS Data Collection family
Get an accurate view of people's attitudes, preferences, and opinions
SPSS Modeler
Build predictive models quickly and intuitively without programming with this powerful data mining workbench
SPSS Statistics
Use the power of advanced statistical analysis to understand data, identify trends and produce accurate forecasts
SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys
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Unlock open-ended responses for better insight and statistical analysis
SPSS Visualization Designer
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Make the creation of compelling data visualizations accessible
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Risk management

OpenPages Financial Controls Management
Automate the financial controls management process to address reporting requirements
OpenPages GRC Platform
Gain insight into enterprise-wide GRC, adapt to unique methodologies and business practices
OpenPages Internal Audit Management
Automate and manage intra organizational audits and use broader compliance management activities
OpenPages IT Governance
Define an IT strategy to meet challenges posed by evolving regulatory requirements
OpenPages Operational Risk Management
Identify, manage, monitor, and analyze operational risk in a single integrated solution
OpenPages Policy and Compliance Management
Consolidate the compliance policy and management process, manage regulatory change and interaction
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