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Top 5 Big Data and Analytics tutorials

Take a look at the top tutorials as determined by the developerWorks Big Data and Analytics team. See if you agree with the choices, and if you think a tutorial that didn't make the cut should be there, add your choice to the comment sections to share with your peers. ​

Big data insights

Gain keen insights from big data with Datameer on IBM SoftLayer

Migrate and configure Datameer to run in the IBM SoftLayer cloud to deliver big data analytics as a service to your worldwide users.

Analytics platform

Explore the advanced analytics platform, Part 8: The Information Governance Model

Learn a set of processes, and a tool set, to structure data and implement information governance in a big data lake, resulting in improved trustworthiness and organization of the information that is contained in the data lake.


Autoscale at the database level with ScaleBase for zero downtime of your cloud applications

Use the unique capabilities of ScaleBase when developing new, big-data applications from the ground up. Learn how to modify existing applications to be highly scalable with zero downtime, and use a small sample application to check how ScaleBase functions in an online, off premise, and on-demand cloud environment.

Hybrid cloud

Move your Java application into a hybrid cloud using Bluemix, Part 1

Look at different options for migrating Java applications to the cloud. Then step through the process of using command-line tools to analyze and migrate a Tomcat application to either the Liberty for Java runtime or the Cloud Foundry Java buildpack.

Real-time analytics

Do real-time analytics with the VoltDB database in IBM SoftLayer

Learn how cloud environments can be suitable for doing real-time analytics on big data. A step-by-step example shows you how to install VoltDB and run a sample VoltDB application in the IBM SoftLayer cloud.​

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