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  • Installing and using IBM PowerVP and IBM AIX

    95This article describes how to install and use IBM® PowerVP™ on an IBM AIX® environment to monitor your IBM POWER8™ and IBM POWER7® processor-based systems. You can also learn how to download, install, and configure PowerVP on AIX. New features in the latest version of PowerVP are also introduced and discussed in this article.

    Chris Gibson / 18 August 2015

  • Recovering from a resource failure in IBM PowerHA cluster

    95This article explains about recovering from a resource failure caused due to wrong input to resources in IBM® PowerHA® cluster. There are scenarios in which a cluster might go to the unstable state and a resource might go to the error state due to wrong input to resources such as applications, file systems, and so on. This article helps to understand how to get cluster to a stable state after rectifying the wrong input to resources and make it accessible using the IBM PowerHA SystemMirror cluster recovery script failure tool.

    Dishant J. Doriwala / 30 July 2015

  • Integration of Microsoft Windows Active Directory server as a pass-through authentication server to IBM Tivoli Directory Server

    95This article explains about configuring Microsoft Windowsas a pass-through authentication server for IBM Tivoli Director Server Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server. The IBM AIX clients are mapped to the AIX LDAP server and the Windows clients are mapped to the Windows Active Directory (AD) server. But, when the user logs in to the AIX client, the user credentials get validated at the Windows AD server for getting login access to the AIX clients. This article provides the configuration steps in detail.

    Faraz Ahmad, Uma Chandolu / 10 July 2015

  • Explore the OpenStack REST APIs for PowerVC

    95IBM Power Virtualization Center Express Edition (PowerVC) is an IaaS cloud solution designed to make it easier to build and manage virtual resources in a Power Systems Software Defined Environment or a cloud infrastructure. It is primarily based on OpenStack and includes OpenStack industry-standard application programming interfaces. Learn about the APIs for each OpenStack component and the tasks the APIs can help you complete.

    Cholleti Ramyasree / 16 April 2015

  • Understanding storage framework disk fencing in IBM PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1

    95This article introduces a new feature of IBM® PowerHA® SystemMirror® 7.1, the storage framework disk fencing, which can shut off disk write access from IBM AIX® Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) disk driver layer, and help to prevent data corruption of inadvertent disk access.

    AHongtao Xiao / 22 January 2015

  • Using Storix

    95Recovering or building new machines running AIX is a straightforward process when you use Storix.

    David Tansley / 16 January 2015