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IBM developerWorks is the premier web-based technical resource and professional network for IT practitioners, students, and university faculty worldwide. Four million developers use developerWorks each month, with language support in English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

developerWorks helps you develop skills, solve problems, collaborate with experts, and stay ahead of the latest technical trends. Skilled IT professionals are in high demand. Use the resources on IBM developerWorks to build the skills you need to get and stay ahead of the curve.

developerWorks is the IT industry’s most comprehensive source of technical how-to content, evaluation software, and community discussions focusing on IBM software products and open-standards technologies. Let developerWorks help you maximize your productivity with over 40K targeted how-to resources, engage with your peers, and gain career-building recognition.

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developerWorks provides an extensive, easy-to-search technical library to help you get up to speed on the essential technologies affecting your profession.

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developerWorks makes it easy for you to form meaningful connections to build a professional network that can help you solve problems and advance in your profession. With the developerWorks community, you can:

  • Join the network of millions of IT professionals around the world to find the peers and experts you need to know.
  • Debate and collaborate for ideal solutions to your and your peers' tough technical challenges through developerWorks groups.

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developerWorks helps you to build recognition in your peer network worldwide.

  • Develop the skills you need to compete in the rapidly changing IT field by using developerWorks' how-to resources.
  • Showcase your experience and knowledge by participating in extensive discussion forums centered around IBM software and open-standards technologies.
  • Use developerWorks blogs to express your insights and opinions
  • Get to know the non-IBM thought leaders in the technical community, also known as IBM Champions. Find, connect with, or nominate an IBM Champion, and see how they are making best use of IBM software, solutions, and services.
  • Publish technical content on developerWorks, and gain formal acknowledgement of your publishing achievements. Learn more about the developerWorks Author Achievement Recognition Program.

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