IBM developerWorks Author Achievement Recognition Program

Leverage your accomplishments by earning author accreditation

The IBM® developerWorks® Author Achievement Recognition Program awards participating authors with credentials that reflect the scope and value of their contributions across the developerWorks universe.

You can earn these author achievement levels:

IBM developerWorks
Contributing Author

A multiple contributor who is the sole author of at least one major content item.

IBM developerWorks
Professional Author

A frequent contributor, an active technical reviewer, and a mentor to aspiring authors.

IBM developerWorks
Master Author

An authoritative technical contributor who has demonstrated the highest level of commitment to sharing technical knowledge.

IBM developerWorks
Accredited Author

This companion credential is awarded through the IBM open badge program to authors who earn a developerWorks author achievement designation.

Earning an author designation from the dW author program:

What do I need to do?

You complete achievement levels in the dW author program by creating content for developerWorks, by helping other authors create developerWorks content, and by participating throughout the developerWorks universe.

Your progress in the dW author program is measured by two factors:

  • Publication points measure your overall contributions to developerWorks. You accumulate points as you publish articles and other types of content on developerWorks.
  • Participation credits reflect your presence in the developerWorks universe through a variety of community activities. For example, you can earn credits for owning a blog, contributing video, or for working with first-time developerWorks authors.

As you work toward completing for each level, you will:

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Whether or not you have already published on developerWorks, you can sign up now and set your publishing goals in motion.

For more details, read about how the program works, program requirements, and frequently asked questions.

The dW author program recognizes publishing achievement and does not offer monetary awards, and is not affiliated with any compensation program. Your participation in the dW author program has no bearing on whether or not you are compensated for your published work, and vice versa.