IBM developerWorks Author Achievement Recognition Program

The IBM developerWorks Author Achievement Recognition Program (dW author program) formally acknowledges the publishing achievements of prolific developerWorks authors, and celebrates our common commitment to knowledge sharing.

Leverage your accomplishments

The dW author program bestows participants with author designations that reflect the level of their contributions and activities across the developerWorks community. Achieving a designation from the dW author program:

New author designations awarded

Congratulations to the authors who were recently awarded IBM developerWorks author designations! See the complete list.

If you have completed an achievement level but have not been awarded an author designation, send your updated tracking tool to to be included in the next quarterly review.

When you participate in the dW author program, you can achieve these designations:

Contributing author badge

An IBM developerWorks Contributing Author is a multiple contributor to developerWorks who has independently authored at least one major content item.

Professional author badge

An IBM developerWorks Professional Author is a frequent developerWorks contributor who is also an active technical reviewer, and a mentor to aspiring developerWorks authors.

Master author badge

An IBM developerWorks Master Author is an authoritative technical contributor who has demonstrated the highest level of integrity and commitment to sharing technical knowledge.

Including your awarded title with your professional credentials is a way for you to exhibit your accomplishment, promote your expertise, and heighten your professional reputation.

Participation through publishing

Achieving each level in the dW author program involves creating content for developerWorks, working with other developerWorks authors, and participating in the developerWorks community. Your progress in the dW author program is measured by two elements:

As you work toward completing the requirements for each level, you will:

All eligible content that is published in any developerWorks zone counts toward your progress in the dW author program. In addition, current or past developerWorks contributors can also include eligible content published since 2004 as dW author program accomplishments.

Learn more

Whether you have already written for developerWorks, are currently at work on an article, or haven't even thought about your first article proposal, you can sign up now and set your publishing goals in motion. Find out more about how the program works, learn what the program requirements are, read some frequently asked questions, and then register for the program to get started. You can also see a listing of authors who have been awarded developerWorks author designations.

The dW author program recognizes publishing achievement and does not offer monetary awards, and is not affiliated with any compensation program. Your participation in the dW author program has no bearing on whether or not you are compensated for your published work, and vice versa.

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