About developerWorks

What is developerWorks?

It's your source of innovative how-tos, tools, code, and communities to help you solve the complex problems that you face as a developer in an enterprise organization. At developerWorks, you can learn about, try, and quickly gain skills in the latest IBM products and open standards technologies. We have a passion for understanding your needs, earning your trust, and helping you excel. See how we got our start and learn more about our mission.

The way we were

Way back in 1999, there was a steely-eyed IBM technology strategist in Durham, NC, named Dirk Nicol. He had a vision. He saw that developers were key enterprise influencers (long before that became a buzzword). And he realized that developers needed their own technical "portal" — a place to cut through the marketing "noise" to get technical answers, grow skills, and try out open technologies and IBM products.

So Dirk invited a handful of IBM programmers, web UI experts, editors, and artists to spin up a developer portal, the first of its kind in IBM. Our mission was to find the smartest, coolest, edgiest subject matter experts inside and outside of IBM and help them share their code and ideas with other developers. And to keep the focus on high quality and open-standards development, Dirk brought in content experts and an Editor in Chief from top publishers outside of IBM.

We launched our humble website devoted to enterprise developers in September of 1999. It covered 7 open technologies, including Java, open source, and web architecture. Four years later, we expanded our coverage to include key IBM technologies, including middleware, data management, and more.

Fast-forward to today

Today we cover a broad array of IBM and open-standards topics of interest to developers. Every week we publish new how-to tutorials, Developer Centers, videos, courses, blogs, forums, and answers. Every month over 4 million developers explore dozens of topics, try out new tools and services, and peruse over 15,000 resources in our technical library. developerWorks is now available in 8 languages, and it drives more IBM traffic and has a greater social following than any other IBM website.

And what became of that bold visionary? Dirk Nicol is now our Director of developerWorks. He's still a developer's best advocate and champion. He still has that glint in his eye and comes up with new ideas every day.

Our commitment to you

While the external face of our website, and the tools and skills to run a world-class site, are constantly evolving, our mission endures. We help you solve your complex problems. We: