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Cloud computing

Implement a microservice-based architecture in Bluemix, Part 2

Frank Budinsky

Build and deploy a simple e-commerce application using IBM Containers and Bluemix.

Series: Move your Java application into a hybrid cloud

Kyle Brown and Ruth Willenborg

Learn about the Java application and the services it uses, and how you can move both the Java application and the relational database tier to a Cloud Foundry–based platform.

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Design, secure, publish, manage, and analyze your API in minutes with our simple configuration and no-coding platform.

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Check out developerWorks Open for a unique opportunity to collaborate with some of IBM's brightest minds in a community setting.

developerWorks courses

Getting Started with IBM Bluemix

Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing, Bluemix, DevOps, containers, Cloud Foundry, and best practices for agile and test-driven development.

Cloud Application Developer Certification Preparation

Get experience with IBM Bluemix and discover how to build applications for the cloud that are scalable, reliable, and secure.


Security Editor's Picks Fourth Quarter 2015

developerWorks editors

Check out top security tutorials, with several important ones to help secure your Bluemix apps.

Verify server certificates in a Node.js Bluemix application

Ori Pomerantz

Authenticate remote servers from a Node.js application on Bluemix to help prevent attackers from stealing or falsifying information.