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Cloud computing

Andrew Trice

Business process management

Scott Glen

Business process management

Hong Yan Wang, Yu Zhang, and Liang Rui

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Cloud computing

Build a weather-tracking application in the cloud with PHP, jQuery Mobile, and IBM Insights for Weather, Part 1

Vikram Vaswani

Learn how to create a base application for retrieving and storing latitude/longitude coordinates for world cities from an online service.

Implement a microservices-based architecture in Bluemix

Dave Tropeano

Through a sample e-commerce app, partition apps into multiple services that communicate with each other through well-defined APIs.

Changing the mindset to get the most out of cloud

Fabio Castiglioni, Piero Proietti, and Rossella De Gaetano

Maximize the benefits of cloud by adopting cloud best practices in application design, development, and IT management.

Use The Force — Move a BB-8 Droid with your mind

Bryan Casey

Explore how to engage familiar technologies and get them online in a meaningful way, and how to take things that are Internet-enabled and combine them for new and meaningful interactions.

Internet of Things

Cognitive IoT developer quick start

Linda Meyer and Michelle Corbin

Want to build powerful cognitive IoT applications? It's easier than you think. We'll show you what you need to know.

Accelerate the development of cognitive computing in your IoT app

Greg Knowles, Alex Melamed, and Amit Fisher

Learn about the new cognitive capabilities for IBM IoT Foundation and explore a customer example that illustrates what you can do with these new capabilities.


Linux on IBM Systems: A place for developers and other techies

Linda Alkire

Share your experiences working with Linux on IBM Systems, and learn about LinuxONE and more.

Learn Linux, 101: Customize or write simple scripts

Ian Shields

Learn how to customize existing scripts or write simple bash scripts using standard shell syntax, looping and control structures, and tests for success or failure.