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Cognitive computing

Build a simple face detection web app

Chun Bin Tang

Develop a simple web application in PHP to use the powerful cognitive computing features of the AlchemyAPI service on Bluemix.

Build smarter wearables for healthcare

Robi Sen

Examine how healthcare can benefit from collecting data from wearables and then using cognitive computing applications to analyze that data.

Big data and analytics

Create SQL reports from a NoSQL database

Multiple authors

Use services in Bluemix to generate SQL-based reports from JSON data stored in a Cloudant NoSQL database.​

Develop a predictive analytics model for a complex data set

Armand Gabernet / Mikhail Lakirovich

Use the analytics services of the Bluemix dashDB service, such as RStudio and the Shiny web application framework, to solve a Kaggle data mining challenge.

Mobile development

Implement enterprise-scale iOS continuous deployment with UrbanCode Deploy

Tyson Lawrie / Blaine Dolph

Use UrbanCode Deploy to implement an enterprise-scale continuous build system for hundreds of applications.

Create an iOS 8 game with React Native

Sing Li

Create a React Native game that takes advantage of Advanced Mobile Access and the Cloudant NoSQL DB, both available as services on Bluemix.

Cloud computing

Get started with IBM Bluemix

developerWorks Courses

In this free online course, learn Bluemix basics and best practices for building, running, and managing applications.

Compare three options for delivering your cloud apps

Chuck Calio

Examine the most popular cloud computing app delivery technologies available today, and choose the most effective one for your needs.