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Register for an IBM user experience study

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At IBM, our commitment to creating a superior user experience shapes the way we develop IBM products. We work closely with our current and future customers to understand their requirements; then we use their feedback to iteratively design solutions.

We invite you to participate in our user experience studies. You can provide valuable feedback through online surveys, phone interviews, remote Web-based product evaluations, user experience lab studies, and on-site visits. Studies can focus on any product area from any of our laboratories worldwide.

To register with us for future studies, please complete the following form. Remember to indicate the types of study for which you would like to be considered. Be sure to complete the entire form to help us determine your suitability for specific studies. Any information you submit is considered confidential information.

If your information matches specific study requirements, we will contact you to ask whether you would be willing to participate.

Have a question or comment about our studies? Send us a note.

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