Make a move

Animation is the body language of a product. When static screens become kinetic, they create an active two-way conversation with the user.


Fluid interaction

Like Disney legend Glen Keane says, “Sudden changes don’t exist in the real world!” Interfaces feel natural when they’re rapid and responsive, direct and delightful. Animate with a clear hierarchy and mindful timing to create fluid interaction sequences. Continuous momentum helps guide users to where they want or need to go.

Magnetic engagement

Have you ever caught yourself playing with the “pull to refresh” loader on your phone or zooming and flipping between photos? There’s a reason — we take pleasure in manipulating elements with tactile qualities. Animation’s superpower is engagement. Leverage it to capture your users’ attention and make their work enjoyable.

Choreographed movement

User interface animations don’t stand alone. They live in a larger system of static and moving parts that make up the whole. Choreograph elements to work together and set the rhythm and pace for interactions.

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