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Making critical decisions without profound information?

Welcome to IBM in Nigeria

Services, Software and Systems

Welcome to IBM in Nigeria

Services, Software and Systems

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New insights from the C-level

4,183 executives weight in on the customer-activated enterprise

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IBM in Nigeria

Taiwo Otiti

Welcome to the IBM Nigeria web page.

IBM has played a vital role in Nigeria's development since our first Nigerian client in 1961. From opening an IBM education centre to our more recent collaboration with the government of Cross River State, IBM has remained dedicated to helping drive Nigeria's development. We will continue to partner with Nigerian corporations and the government to drive a brighter future for Nigeria and Nigerians.

IBM has been helping clients in Nigeria for more than 50 years:

1960 The company opens an IBM West Africa office in Accra, Ghana, to serve Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

1961 The first IBM equipment in the country is operated by the Federal Statistics Bureau in Lagos.

1962 IBM establishes a West African headquarters in Lagos.

1962 Compagnie Francaise de l’Afrique Occidentale acquires IBM data processing (DP) equipment in Lagos.

1963 An IBM education center for Anglophone countries is dedicated in Ibadan, Western Nigeria, by IBM World Trade Corporation chairman Arthur K. Watson. The center has 52 sales and engineering trainees from Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Kenya.

1963 The first IBM 1401 data processing system in Nigeria is used by the Nigerian Railway Corporation to process freight, passenger and locomotive data.

1963 An IBM 1401 is used by Shell/BP Oil Petroleum Company in Port Harcourt, Eastern Nigeria.

1964 The IBM African Education Center at the University of Ibadan is dedicated on March 17. Fifty students selected from 3,000 applicants will participate in a two-year program in the 9,000-square foot building. Upon graduation, IBM will offer half the students jobs as systems engineers, salesmen or instructors.

1965 Some 23 students graduate in August from an 18-month course in data processing and business administration held at the IBM World Trade Corporation Education Center in Nigeria’s University of Ibadan in West Africa. A second class with 28 students from Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and Zambia graduate in December.

1978 IBM forms a joint venture with Nigerian interests to create Data Processing Maintenance and Services, Limited.

2009 IBM opens a subsidiary office in Lagos, Nigeria as the company’s headquarters for West Africa.

2009 IBM signs agreements with three banks in Nigeria (Union Bank, Intercontinental Bank and FinBank) to provide advanced software to help modernize their operations.

2010 IBM signs an agreement for its business services consultants to assist the government of Cross River State, Nigeria with the implementation of two new social welfare and healthcare initiatives designed to help alleviate poverty and increase levels of literacy in the region.

Corporate Service Corps

In addition to IBM’s work with corporations across Nigeria, IBM has also been deeply involved with Nigerians through its international corporate volunteering program, the Corporate Service Corps. Introduced in 2008, it is IBM’s version of the Peace Corps.

Since the launch of Corporate Service Corps in 2008, nearly 1,600 IBM employees based in 60 countries have been dispatched on more than 150 team assignments in 30 countries. As a part of the program, teams of highly skilled IBM employees from all over the world volunteer to tackle economic issues, promote entrepreneurship, and suggest strategies for better transportation, education and health care. They work with local government, non profit civic groups, and small businesses to develop blueprints that intersect business, technology, and society.

Africa is a focus continent for IBM's volunteerism programs. Since 2008, IBM's Corporate Service Corps has deployed more than 500 IBM employees on approximately 44 teams to Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Egypt, and South Africa. IBM announced in September 2011 that it will double the number of emerging leaders it sends on pro-bono assignments to Africa during the next three years, and plans to send roughly 600 employees to Africa through 2015.

In Nigeria, IBM volunteers assisted Cross River State in improving public services, specifically two ambitious programs: Project HOPE, which provides free health care to mothers and young children, and Project Comfort, which provides financial assistance to people in disadvantaged households with the goal of helping them to educate family members and establish small businesses.

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