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Rep Group: GB-MM-ICR:Other
Rep Lead Space:Yes
Rep Enabler modules
- Special Offers:Enabled and middle column Module should be in the left column
- Messages:Enabled and middle column
- Events:Enabled and middle column
Stacked modules
- Left column:Featured solutions (M923373T34370P92) Enabled.

- Middle column:Highlights (R598855O92657H64) Enabled.

Social Collaboration Module:Yes
Rep page synkey:G595792X17197Q65

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Vivek Mistry 

Vivek Mistry

Business Manager

Hi ! I am Vivek Mistry, my role is to service valued clients like you. Read my page below to know latest IBM featured products, highlights, special promotions and events.

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Vivek Mistry

Vivek Mistry

Business Manager

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