Personalizing your cognitive experience

A cognitive business is a thinking business

When people ask how Watson is different than a search engine, I tell them to go on Google and type 'anything that's not an elephant.' What do you get? Tons of pictures of elephants. But Watson knows those subtle differences. It understands that when feet and noses run, those are very different things
Director of Product Strategy, Retail solutions provider


How Watson works

Discover how Watson learns in this informational video that lifts up the hood on IBM's cognitive computing platform.


The ABCs of Cognitive Computing

Tour the IBM Cognitive Lab with Dario Gil, Director of the IBM Research Symbiotic Cognitive Systems Group.


Watson: The platform for cognitive business

Meet Watson, a technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from unstructured data.


Not sure where to start your cognitive journey?

IBM Cognitive Business Solutions is the first consulting practice dedicated to helping you harness the power of cognitive computing.

Watson will enable the Asian century

Early adopters of cognitive computing stand to gain considerable advantage, particularly across the Asia Pacific.

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Improve communication effectiveness with Watson Tone Analyzer

The IBM Watson™ Tone Analyzer Service can detect emotion, social tendencies, and language style from text.


Cognitive at work: Find out who's making headlines

People in the News uses Relationship Extraction to show the top 30 names in the news at any given time.


Improve your ability to take action using analytics

Upload data into Watson Analytics to spot behavior trends, new opportunities and unseen sales patterns.

The Cognitive Collection

How fashion designer Jason Grech partnered with IBM to create his collection

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How Woodside Energy outthinks uncertainty with Watson

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Guiding Eyes

Can cognitive insights help pair more guide dogs with people who need them most?

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