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For game developers and publishers: the game is on

To capture and impress players around the world, gain an advantage with the SoftLayer global high-performance hosting and delivery network, along with our integrated development platform.

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“I want to power up our games' performance globally”

High-performance, self-service SoftLayer IaaS for gaming

Icon: Database Servers Database Servers

Dedicated servers with custom configurations provide ideal performance for your database

Icon: Web Servers Web Servers

Scale virtual cloud servers on-demand to meet site load requirements during traffic spikes.

Icon: Application Servers Application Servers

Power your applications with robust dedicated servers for fast response times.

Icon: Cache Server Cache Server

Cache data and content with virtual cloud servers to reduce bandwidth demand and increase data access.

Icon: Load Balancing Load Balancing

Increase application or site availability and performance by load balancing traffic across local or global resources.

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“I want to test and deploy our games on the same platform”

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IBM Bluemix platform services

Icon Node.js

Develop, deploy, and scale server-side JavaScript® apps with ease. The IBM SDK for Node.js™ provides enhanced performance, security, and serviceability.

Icon: Data Cache Data cache

Improve the performance & user experience of web applications by retrieving information from fast, managed, in-memory caches, instead of relying entirely on slower disk-based databases.

Icon: Cloud Integration Cloud integration

Securely connect and integrate applications and information in the cloud. Use patterns for accelerated integration or develop custom APIs at need.

Icon: Push Push

Create and schedule push notifications for iOS and Android devices to engage users when they aren't using the app. User tagging enables the user to select desired push topics.

Icon: Blu Acceleration Analytics Warehouse

Provides agile platform for data warehousing and analytics. This Analytics Warehouse is powered by the in-memory optimized, column-organized BLU Acceleration technology.

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