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Facing the question of building a new cloud data center to power their expanding global hosting services for high-performance gaming and social apps, DataHotel has chosen to test the IBM SoftLayer cloud platform.

The client

DataHotel is a subsidiary of the top social communications provider in Japan, LINE Corporation. A Tokyo-based cloud aggregator, DataHotel provides high-performance managed hosting services for its client base of social, gaming and web hosting companies, helping clients deploy low-latency applications across the world. DataHotel provides added value to its clients by helping them make performance-critical decisions around best cloud configurations.

Their need

DataHotel is committed to finding a best-of-breed cloud platform to power its global hosting services for high-performance gaming and social apps.

Their challenge and decision

The SoftLayer cloud solution

DataHotel decided on a three-month trial of SoftLayer bare metal dedicated servers in a single-pane environment in order to test latency, speed and other critical features essential for the most demanding high-performance gaming and social applications.

Project goals and benefits