Why Cloud?


Free trial - SoftLayer cloud platform

By offering 1,600 complimentary APIs, SoftLayer can give you the freedom to find precisely the right combination of functionality for higher levels of customisation, control and flexibility. It integrates with third-party and custom software for seamless provisioning, management, monitoring and information retrieval. And unlike many other offerings, it allows you to manage your cloud directly on an ongoing basis. It’s the cloud, any way you want it.


Mega processing power for Magma Mobile

Based in France, with extensive global reach, Magma Mobile is one of the largest Android developers in the world. The company averages 8.5 million users each month for such popular games and applications as Android Pinball, Bubble Blast, Mahjong 3D and Podkast. Needless to say, they need a serious cloud. Learn why they’re running on IBM bare metal.

Free cloud server for one month

Free cloud server for one month

See for yourself. Build a cloud server with one core, one GB RAM and 25 GB local storage for free,* and deploy it in as few as five minutes.

*Offer valid for new customers on one CloudLayer Computing public cloud instance in any SoftLayer data centre excluding DAL01, for one calendar month. Valid credit card required for authorisation. Card will be charged for additional months of service if cloud server is not cancelled within one month of activation.

The highest-performing companies thrive on higher-performing technology. They’ve embraced cloud-based applications to advance business process innovation, Big Data analytics, social and mobile. Simply put, more and more of the best companies are tapping into 100-plus Software as a Service (SaaS) business solutions in the IBM Cloud to remain among the most successful companies in the world.


From cow to customer without a hitch.

HP Hood is one of the largest branded dairy operators in the U.S. Over the years, they acquired several companies, many of which were still using paper-based supply chain processes. Hood needed a unified transportation management process throughout their supply chain, and an efficient logistics network for thousands of carriers. They turned to an IBM solution that included SaaS running in the IBM Cloud.