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Deploy an app to the cloud at lunch hour. And still have time to eat. IBM offers platform as a service (PaaS) capabilities designed to provide an ideal balance of control, flexibility and speed. IBM SmartCloud Application Services supports pattern-based deployment and operations, while our BlueMix (US) (in beta) drives development through the Cloud Foundry based service composition model. To learn more read how IBM patterns and BlueMix are unleashing the power of cloud. (PDF, 83.9KB)

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    Tap into best-in-class open Java and PHP support

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    Enjoy peace of mind with enterprise-class security

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    Reduce costs with pay-for-use metered pricing

Image: Test drive BlueMix

Test drive BlueMix

Our next-generation cloud application development platform. Try it now! (US)

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Image: Cloud Foundry open source PaaS

Cloud Foundry open source PaaS

Build, test and deploy applications
on this open source PaaS

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Infographic: PaaS insights

IBM interviewed people from 1500 companies to learn about the benefits of adopting PaaS.

Exploring the frontiers of cloud computing: Insights from PaaS pioneers

Insights from platform-as-a-service pioneers

Download the IBM Center for Applied Insights report

Report: Download the IBM Center for Applied Insights report