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Practically every organization faces continued pressure to lower costs and do more with less. Organizations of all sizes are looking to the cloud to help manage their budgets and decrease the IT complexity of their environment.

Our cloud onboarding services are designed to help you move to cloud with confidence, at the rate and pace that works best for your business.

Our Services

Move to Cloud Workshop for Mail and Social

Our experts will help you understand how you can leverage IBM offerings for your specific needs and help you build a Move to Cloud strategy with us as your partner.

White Glove Transition and Migration Services for Mail

IBM will take the lead to move your users to the IBM Cloud. We will develop a comprehensive plan to move, set up the tooling needed, and execute the move.

Migrate to SmartCloud Notes

Plan your upgrade from Microsoft Outlook & Exchange, Google Apps or other products to SmartCloud Notes. We'll help you plan your migration strategy and work with you to enable your users.

Content Migration to the Cloud

IBM Content Migration Factory (as of 4th Quarter 2014) will be able to migrate directly from on-premises systems to the IBM Cloud. These include: Jive, Yammer, Sharepoint, Google, Salesforce, on-premises Connections and others.

IBM Software Services is a global organization ready to accelerate your success by providing essential, innovative and tailored services delivered by market leading, world-class experts. Our technical, advisory and education services empower you to deploy and elevate integrated, secure and scalable social business solutions with confidence. Learn more about how the offerings below can help you leverage our cloud offerings by contacting us.

Additionally, certified onboarding specialists can help you move your IBM Notes mail to the cloud.

To learn more about cloud onboarding services and to pick the service that best fits your business needs, please work with your IBM sales representative or have sales contact you. Financial incentives may be available to help customers convert existing licenses and renewals into cloud licenses.