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SmartCloud for Social Business just got smarter

8 January 2014 - Social Business Insights Blog

IBM is starting the new year with a SmartCloud for Social Business release that emphasizes simplicity – a theme which will drive most of the innovations delivered by IBM throughout the year. Read more

What's New from IBM SmartCloud Engage

7 November 2013 - Social Business Insights Blog

This week we’re excited to welcome the new capabilities from the latest launch for SmartCloud Engage. Following on our largest cloud launch ever for the service in September – we’re adding even more to make the service Smart, Simple, and Social.Read more

Five reasons to move your email platform to the cloud

7 November 2013 - Thoughts on Cloud Blog

A few weeks ago, I was introducing IBM SaaS cloud strategy to a customer. The IT manager asked me a good question: “Why should we move our email and calendar platform to the cloud?”Read more

What's new in IBM SmartCloud Notes - 5 Minutes with Kramer Reeves

13 September 2013 - Social Business Insights Blog:

I recently spoke to Kramer Reeves, the Director, Product Management, Messaging and Collaboration, who shared the exciting updates to IBM SmartCloud Notes. Read more

How Cloud Computing + Social Businesses = Transformed Midsize Companies

10 September 2013 - The New Yorker

Today, smart companies are turning to cloud computing and turning themselves into social businesses to try to win new customers and get ahead of their competition. Now let’s turn to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that are not only competing, but in many respects, winning, in today’s social era. Read more

How #socbiz gives you more time to think

19 August 2013 - Social Business Insights Blog

Learn how using SmartCloud Engage social cloud collaboration tools can help you save time, be more innovative and improve communication across the organization. Read more

5 more minutes with Rebecca Buisan - Announcing audio conferencing services for IBM SmartCloud Meetings

5 August 2013 - Social Business Insights Blog

In an earlier interview, IBM Director, Rebecca Buisan shared details about major updates to IBM SmartCloud Engage. In that interview she hinted there would be exciting updates in the second half of the year. She's ready to unveil some of those updates with IBM Social Business Insights, starting with the new audio conferencing service. Read more

Five Minutes with Rebecca Buisan on IBM SmartCloud for Social Business

22 July 2013 - Social Business Insights Blog

In this new blog, Rebecca Buisan, Director of Product Marketing and Management for SmartCloud for Social Business, talks about what the new Forrester Wave report means to the business and about some of the new updates to the SmartCloud service. Read more

Meet Marie Kenerson: Another Person for a Smarter Planet

21 June 2013 - Smarter Planet Blog

Colleagues in Care, a nonprofit dedicated to improving access to quality healthcare in the world’s poorest regions, is collaborating with IBM to create a global collaborative health network using IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. Read more

IBM Expands SmartCloud for Social Business with European Data Center

4 April 2013 — IBM Communications

IBM today announced that it will be extending its industry leadership with the opening of a European-based IBM SmartCloud for Social Business Data Center. The move aims to help business leaders, such as chief information officers (CIO), chief marketing officers (CMO), and chief human resource officers (CHRO), begin their organization's transformation with the adoption of social business technology. Read more

5 Cloud Collaboration Tools Leaders Emerge

20 August 2012 — Information Week

From IBM to Yammer, these 5 vendors do the best job of balancing a vision for cloud collaboration with enterprise-class capabilities, Forrester Research says. Read more

Getting social in the cloud

20 August 2012 — Thoughts on Cloud

There’s no denying the impact of cloud computing. It has quickly matured to a point where it’s considered a mainstream technology service and the benefits can seem endless. Read more

IBM Expands Global Cloud Capabilities with Advanced SmartCloud Services and New Customer Adoption

17 May 2012 — IBM Communications

As businesses embrace the transformative power of cloud computing to gain a significant advantage, IBM today unveiled advancements to its SmartCloud Services and announced new customers and partners that demonstrate IBM SmartCloud is a leading enterprise cloud platform for business... Read more

IBM Collaborates with Colleagues In Care to Empower Medical Workers in Haiti

17 May 2012 — IBM Communications

IBM today announced it is helping improve healthcare delivery in Haiti through its collaboration with ‘Colleagues In Care’ Global Health Network... Read more

Imagine the Marriage of Social Business and Cloud

17 May 2012 — Building a Smarter Planet Blog

What’s the one thing all organizations have in common? They must identify new ways to grow revenue and expand their business to stay competitive. Increasingly, organizations are using cloud computing and social networking to help them embrace new market opportunities... Read more

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