Hybrid cloud management

Self-service delivery for deploying, automating and managing multi-cloud environments

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Join us at InterConnect 2017 and hear about the exciting things we are working on in Hybrid Cloud Management!


IBM InterConnect 2017
March 19 - 23 | Las Vegas, NV

IBM InterConnect 2017
March 19 - 23 | Las Vegas, NV

Don't miss the cloud event of the year. Immerse yourself in cognitive, the Internet of Things and the latest in cloud security.

What hybrid cloud management solutions from IBM can do for your organization

IBM offers a comprehensive hybrid cloud management portfolio of solutions that provides consistent management of IT resources, including:

  • Provisioning
  • Orchestration
  • Workflow management
  • Billing
  • Metering
  • Usage reports
  • Executive dashboards

Our hybrid cloud management portfolio also provides an extensive set of policy-based tools to enable the creation and enforcement of governance, compliance and security policies within the enterprise.

Featured product

Hybrid cloud management solutions from IBM can enable IT as a service (ITaaS) for the enterprise.

IBM Cloud Orchestrator

Accelerate configuration, provisioning and deployment of your development environment, and reduce the steps needed to manage public, private and hybrid clouds.

Learn how hybrid cloud management solutions from IBM can help to increase your return on investment (ROI)

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BH Telecom innovates faster by adopting a bold cloud strategy

Adoption of the IBM solution was very smooth, and [IBM] Cloud Orchestrator has become the cornerstone of development and management of our IaaS and IoT solutions.

—Adrian Hantalašević, Solution Specialist for M2M and Cloud Development, BH Telecom d.d. Sarajevo

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Learn how you can create an ITaaS model for your enterprise.

“Achieve cloud visibility, control and automation with IBM Hybrid Cloud Management”

Learn how your organization can keep pace with customer requirements, accelerate service delivery and maintain enterprise-level control and governance with hybrid cloud.

How to enforce business controls, using IBM Cloud Orchestrator

Learn how the IBM solution enforces rules requiring certain approvals before fulfillment—a must have for enterprises wishing to prevent abuse or operating in a regulated environment.

Learn more ways IBM Cloud can help you manage your IT resources, so your people can innovate faster and more often