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Bare Metal Cloud

A Non-Virtualized Cloud Option for Performance-Sensitive Workloads
In this report, Stratecast examines the concept of the bare metal cloud from the provider and the customer perspective.




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A Practical Guide to Creating and Implementing a Successful Cloud Strategy

This guide offers steps for moving into the cloud, with a focus on the Smart Cloud Services portfolio offered by IBM.


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Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) from IBM Cloud offers a choice of open cloud infrastructure services for IT operations. Use SoftLayer self-service IaaS or our fully managed IaaS to deploy both virtual and dedicated bare metal servers, develop applications and run production-ready workloads.

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Is de hybride cloud een utopia?

De voordelen van hybride cloudomgevingen zijn voor de meeste organisaties wel duidelijk. Maar de integratie van verschillende platformen, leveranciers en interne gebruikers blijft vragen opleveren. Over veiligheid en wendbaarheid bijvoorbeeld. In een rondetafelgesprek georganiseerd door IBM gaan drie bedrijven die leven in de cloud, de discussie aan over onderling vertrouwen.

Nu de overstap naar de cloud niet meer gewaagd maar noodzakelijk is

Het is geen geheim dat vele organisaties achterlopen op de consument bij de adoptie van de cloud. Hun terughoudendheid is begrijpelijk. Twijfels over de veiligheid van data, over compliance en het verlies van de controle over IT-diensten die voorheen onlosmakelijk met een organisatie verbonden waren, zijn moeilijk weg te poetsen in slechts enkele jaren tijd. Toch dwingen recente marktontwikkelingen organisaties ertoe over die twijfels heen te stappen.

Next year’s roadmap for the IT-department

The IT department needs to deliver the required infrastructure otherwise they are only seen as a cost center that can’t bring value to the business. Therefore the next step that occurs is that the IT department is going to shop for a kind of cloud management or orchestration tool which can deliver the requested services smooth and swiftly.

Agile environments do need Architecture as well!

Agile is here to stay. The ability to deliver much faster solutions in a culture of collaboration and empowerment is highly attractive and will be the standard way of work in the near future for nearly all IT Development. Both for Applications and Infrastructure.

In essence, it is all IT Automation!

Agile, Continuous Delivery, SW defined environments, Cloud and DevOps. Paradigms, which have been around for some time now in the IT world. A lot has been published, however not everybody seems to realize that all these highly promising developments are based on a single foundation ==> IT Automation.

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Unparalleled performance

Consistent compute power and a high-performance global network for self-service IaaS.

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Flexibility and breadth

A range of options support a dynamic hybrid cloud strategy.

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Complete control

Our self-service IaaS is up to 10 times faster than competitors.

Self-service SoftLayer IaaS for demanding cloud applications

Build your future on SoftLayer global cloud infrastructure (US). Enjoy self-service provisioning for both virtual and dedicated bare metal servers—with deployment in just minutes for virtual and hours for bare metal—delivering the control and flexibility to power demanding cloud applications.

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Managed cloud services for
critical enterprise workloads

IBM Cloud Managed Services provides a fully managed IaaS cloud optimized for critical enterprise workloads, offering SLAs with up to 99.95% virtual server uptime and many advantages of a managed private cloud.

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IBM Service Engage

IBM Service Management

IBM Service Management puts the power of application and infrastructure management at your fingertips with an integrated experience for IT Practitioners to learn, explore, try, and buy SaaS solutions that integrate with your on-prem solutions.

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