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Video streaming is a method of distributing video using cloud technology. In addition to live video, streaming can also be used for video-on-demand services, live playlists and video hosting. Video and the accompanying audio are streamed from the cloud rather than downloaded to the viewer’s device. For enterprises, video platforms enable video sharing across the globe on many different devices.

  • Video streaming services include live video, live playlists, video on demand and video hosting.
  • Web-hosted video can be viewed on multiple devices, including desktop computers, mobile devices, TVs and media players.
  • Embedding enables users to include customizable video players on web pages.
  • Video is streamed from the cloud rather than downloaded directly to devices.
  • Video is becoming a primary method for businesses to engage and interact internally and with customers.

Why video streaming

Video streaming extends your reach

Extended reach

Video streaming services enable live broadcasts, video on demand, syndication and global delivery.

Video streaming is important to your audience

First-class data

Video is the new global medium and is critical to audiences. Users intuitively “get” video and audio and want it to be part of their digital experiences.

You can measure and analyze consumption of video content

Results measurement

Consumption of video content can be easily measured and analyzed. Businesses can use video as a strategic source of data.

IBM video streaming solutions

Considerations for video streaming

Securely stream high-quality live video through IBM Cloud.

Ustream is a comprehensive enterprise video solution.

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