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Cloud security

Enhance visibility and control with
proven IBM security solutions for cloud

IBM protects cloud environments with cloud security strategies and a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that span the entire cloud lifecycle and all security domains.

Take advantage of the cloud with confidence
With an emphasis on visibility, control and automation, IBM cloud security solutions help meet regulatory compliance efficiently and defend against the latest threats. With IBM, you can have a robust, security-rich cloud tuned to your specific needs. Establishing a clear security roadmap with the right mix of capabilities to secure foundational technologies lays the groundwork for cloud success.

Solution Brief: Safeguarding the cloud with IBM security solutions

Maintain visibility and control with proven security solutions for public, private and hybrid clouds

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Develop an integrated cloud security strategy with IBM expertise as your partner

When developing your cloud security strategy, make sure it aligns with your overall IT security strategy and is an integrated component of your environment. IBM offers a four pronged approach.

Manage identities and user access

Protect user access to cloud assets. Establish a system for managing the identity of users and access to resources.


Scan and protect the network from threats

Secure IT infrastructure without compromising system performance. Protect servers, endpoints and networks against threats.


Monitor and audit applications and data

Deliver secure mobile and web applications, and monitor data access in real time. Implement real-time monitoring of data and proactive evaluation of applications.

Application security
Data security

Establish intelligence across the cloud

Implement security through your cloud, edge to edge. Establish a platform with real-time correlation and detection across the cloud.

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