Why IBM Cloud?

Hybrid cloud is accelerating the introduction of innovative business models. And IBM is at the forefront of that disruption by helping you speed innovation and extract maximum value from data, services and apps.

Discover the path to accelerating innovation with hybrid cloud.

Choice with consistency


Put the right workload in the right place.

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Hybrid integration


Unlock existing data with an integrated hybrid cloud.

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Powerful, accessible data & analytics


Extract deeper insights with our advanced analytics computing toolbox.

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Cognitive solutions


Build understanding and learning into decisions and interactions.

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DevOps for enterprise innovation


Develop, experiment and iterate faster.

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A defining moment with IBM cloud

Morneau Shepell's hybrid cloud journey

Hackathons with Watson on Bluemix

3 days, 500 participants, 56 ideas, and 28 apps at Desjardins Hackathon

Hybrid is the new norm

Hybrid cloud has higher ROI than both all-traditional or all-cloud environments

IBM Sports Insights Central

A collaborative, creative, innovative environment visualizing extensive data

Retail insights and apps come to life

St. Mary’s University students bring new retail thinking to Sobey's

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IBM + VMware

IBM + VMware

Enabling enterprise customers to easily and securely extend their existing workloads, as they are, from their on-premises software-defined data center to the cloud.


Leading advances in mobile strategy

Using SWIFT on IBM Cloud is radically simplifying the creation of next-generation enterprise apps through innovative design, analytics, process transformation and integration.

New Series of Connect Offerings for IBM Cloud

Helping connect apps to the cloud

New series of connect offerings for IBM Cloud extends WebSphere's more than 200 million global licenses to the cloud, which helps developers connect data and applications together, wherever they reside.


Fostering next-gen app development

GitHub and IBM have partnered to deliver GitHub Enterprise as a hybrid service, enabling a community of 12 million developers to collaborate in a private, secure environment.

IBM Blockchain

Securing online transactions

Blockchain is a technology for a new generation of transactional applications that establishes trust, accountability and transparency while streamlining business processes.


Speeding up responses to events

Open and server-less platform for teams to rapidly develop small pieces of code (microservices) and combine them to produce and transform data based on specific events.

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IBM Cloud Video (US)

A global business unit created to address video opportunities, provide media management for massive libraries of content, as well as prepare content for multiple screens and devices.

IBM Cloud
Object Storage (US)

Store, manage, access and transfer data seamlessly between on-premises and the cloud across the expansive global network of IBM Cloud data centers.

IBM Middleware (US)

IBM provides everything you need to create, run, manage, secure and monetize your applications and APIs across a hybrid cloud environment.


Open and server-less platform for teams to rapidly develop small pieces of code (microservices) and combine them to produce and transform data based on specific events.


Find out how you can configure your cloud and be online in as little as 30 minutes. IBM SoftLayer lets you choose from virtual or bare metal servers with unparalleled security, flexibility and speed.


See how you can build an app on Bluemix using the cognitive power of Watson and extend its functionality with open-source technologies from IBM, third-party vendors and coder communities. You can even shift the burden of IT to us if you want.


Solve your businesses' biggest challenges with the right cloud solution. See how a modern approach, coupled with IBM's unique insights and expertise, can help push transformative change in mission-critical areas like mobile, big data, DevOps and marketing.


IBM has helped many clients transform their business and technology with a unique approach to DevOps that levels the playing field for cloud development. Chat with an expert now who understands your industry, business, application and data needs.

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Learn how the right cloud solutions and applications can drive digital transformation for your enterprise. See 100+ business applications for the front and back office built to help your business realize its full cloud potential.


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