IBM Watson Foundations makes your data make sense

IBM Watson Foundations is a big data and analytics platform that makes sense of all your data with innovative capabilities that provide real-time, real-world insights, so your organization can make better decisions with speed and confidence—and outperform the competition.


Start with data of any variety, volume, velocity

As data—all types in all forms from all sources—flows through your organization, it is ingested by IBM Watson Foundations, IBM's big data and analytics platform.


Next, harness all of your data

Explore your data, at rest or in motion, closer to where it resides for near-real-time analysis and insight.


Then, deploy a full range of analytics to get insights

Deliver insights into every decision, every business process and every system of engagement to drive better business outcomes.


Yielding the desired business outcomes

IBM Watson Foundations delivers the best possible insight to fuel better decisions. See how organizations in all industries are using Watson Foundations to achieve business outcomes.

Remember that infrastructure matters

IBM Watson Foundations is supported by an integrated, high-performance infrastructure comprising core server, security, networking and systems software technology.