What do chicken
dinners have
to do with IBM?

To reach the right customer, in the right place and time, with the right offer—perhaps a chicken dinner—you need real-time actionable insight.


Watch as a grocery store uses this insight to sell more chicken dinners by sending promotions to customers who have a preference for chicken dinners and are in the area at dinnertime.

But what if you don't want to sell chicken dinners?
What if you want to sell insurance policies or credit cards or service plans?
IBM can help with that too.

Real-time actionable insight for better business decisions

Real-time actionable insight provides the opportunity for any business—no matter what they're selling—to understand what individual customers want and what actions they are likely to take. With robust big data and analytics capabilities that allow you to capture, analyze and act on the stream of data generated by consumer devices, you can reach customers when they are nearby and ready to buy

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