Optimize operations and counter fraud and threats

Optimize the supply chain using real-time actionable insights about customers and suppliers. Prevent failures by using predictive root-cause analysis on machine data. Detect fraud before incurring losses by applying predictive analytics to uncover patterns and anomalies.

A day in the life of a production line manager

IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality can reduce asset downtime by analyzing asset data in real time, and detecting failure patterns and poor quality parts before problems occur.

Analytics could potentially transform the way we manage
almost every aspect of our operations.

Donna Powell, business manager, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Improve operational efficiency using real-time analytics

Industrial manufacturers can gain a 360-degree view of buyer behavior and raw material forecasting from suppliers using advanced analytics capabilities. Becker Underwood integrated and optimized its global supply chain, greatly improving inventory turns and forecasting accuracy.

Inventory turn

Inventory turns have improved by 50 percent

Accuracy improvement

Forecasting accuracy has improved by 10 to 15 percent


Supply chain optimization is saving USD1 million annually

IBM Predictive Operational Analytics solutions can help organizations streamline operational processes to meet ever-changing customer demands.

By making data easier to collect, analyze and share, the IBM solution has enhanced productivity in almost every area of our operations.

Anne-Marie Butler, director of finance and administration, BC Egg

Identify and mitigate fraudulent activity to reduce loss

Insurers can identify fraud before a claim is paid by using predictive analytics to detect patterns and by analyzing accident data in real time. Infinity Property & Casualty identified fraudulent claims faster and substantially increased subrogation recoveries.

Time reduction

Reduced the time to refer questionable claims for investigation by 95 percent


Increased subrogation recoveries by USD12 million

Return on investment

Achieved 403% return on investment within 3 months

Fraud prevention solutions analyze data across multiple sources to enable real-time fraud identification and prevention, and speed non-fraudulent transactions.

With predictive analytics, we were basically able to close a hole in our pocket where money was leaking out steadily.

Bill Dibble, SVP of claims operations, Infinity Property and Casualty

Protect public safety by solving crimes faster

Police officers can access data from a variety of sources to accelerate law enforcement. The officers from Adams County Sherriff’s Office can access criminal reports, arrest records, booking photos and other vital data from their office, patrol car or in the field.

Solve crimes faster

Uncover links and identify patterns in real time at the crime scene


Access and analyze data from multiple law enforcement agencies

IBM i2 COPLINK applies analytics to vast quantities of interdepartmental data, helping law enforcement organizations solve crimes faster, keep officers safer and disrupt crime more often.

Real-time data … makes critical decision making easier for all officers.

President, public safety software, United States
The customer-activated enterprise: Insights from the IBM Global C-suite Study

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