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When you are able to harness big data from a wide range of sources, and analyze it in many different ways, you can uncover insights that can have a profound effect on your business. See how IBM has helped organizations in every industry realize the value of big data and analytics.

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Image: Becker Underwood Becker Underwood used IBM analytics to integrate and optimize its global agriculture chemicals supply chain, greatly improving its inventory turn and forecasting accuracy to sustain rapid business growth. Video (00:03:45)

Image: Recology Recology used big data and analytics to improve operational efficiency, transporting waste to collection facilities more efficiently and reducing the amount of trash sent to the landfill by 50%. Video (00:02:53)

Image: Mueller, Inc. Mueller, Inc. used IBM business intelligence analytics to measure and improve sales performance, create effective business plans, and gain deep insight into patterns and trends in its data. PDF (628.67KB)

Image: Jabil Circuit Jabil Circuit built a comprehensive suite of analytical tools that made its finance department more efficient and effective, reducing time to close and manual activity by 50 percent. PDF (599.65KB)

Image: City of Toulouse City of Toulouse, France, uses IBM social media analytics to gain insights into citizens’ needs from social media posts, helping the city identify and prioritize citizens’ most pressing issues. PDF (78.62KB)

Image: Miami-Dade Police Department Miami-Dade Police Department used advanced analytics to uncover insights in cold robbery cases, more quickly identifying suspects, making arrests and reducing repeat crimes. PDF (2.19MB) Video (00:03:32)

Image: Regina Police Service Regina Police Service of Saskatchewan relies on sophisticated content analytics tools from IBM to identify and remove inappropriate content from social media sites, making them safe for the public. PDF (750.75KB)

Image: Durham NCPD Durham, NC, Police Department reduced the amount of violent crime in a 2-square mile high-crime region of the city by over 50 percent from 2007 through 2011 with IBM analytics technology. Video (00:03:20)

image: Ishinomaki City Ishinomaki City used analytics on fish species and location data to restore the local fishing industry, hurt by the 2011 earthquake and subsequent nuclear accident. PDF (80.31KB)

Image: Chickasaw Nation Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce used IBM predictive and patron analytics on its gaming operations, promotions and patron data to reduce its month-end close process by 50 percent and provide a better gaming experience. Video (00:05:45)

Image: Singapore Land Transit Authority Singapore Land Transit Authority used predictive tools and smart cards to provide citizens with a more convenient, smart public transportation system that helps reduce traffic and pollution. Video (00:04:09)

Image: State of North Carolina State of North Carolina identified nearly USD200 million in suspicious Medicaid claims by using analytics to sort through and prioritize tens of thousands of providers and hundreds of millions of claims in minutes. Video (00:02:13)

Image: BC Egg BC Egg Marketing Board used IBM analytics capabilities to cut basic farm inspection workload by 66 percent and reduce the budget cycle from two months to less than two weeks. PDF (862.20KB)

Image: Infinity Property & Casualty Infinity Property & Casualty used predictive analytics to identify fraudulent claims, better identify subrogation potential, and improve right-tracking of claims to speed claim handling. Video (00:03:17)

Image: Daimler FleetBoard Daimler FleetBoard – Mercedes Benz uses an IBM analytics-based telematics solution to help optimize vehicle usage and routing, enable remote delivery of functionality to vehicles and lower customers’ insurance premiums 10 percent. PDF (80.85KB)

Image: Discovery Health Discovery Health employed IBM predictive analytics to extract insights from clinical, demographic, billing and member data to find chronic health-risk patterns and help risk analysts improve predictive accuracy. PDF (69.55KB)

Image: Allianz Group Allianz Group implemented a centralized risk-management platform with IBM advanced analytics, gaining greater visibility into its equity basis and accelerating its economic portfolio reporting from six weeks to one day. PDF (79.35KB)

Image: Security First Insurance Security First Insurance employed the content analytics capabilities of IBM Watson Foundations on social media posts to boost productivity and customer satisfaction by bridging social media and the claims process. PDF (88.18KB) Video (00:04:22) Visit the web page

Image: Santam Insurance Santam Insurance used IBM predictive analytics to improve claims categorization, reducing the time and cost of settling cases and processing 15% of claims within an hour—a 95% time savings. Visit the web page

Image: Westfield Insurance Westfield Insurance applied business intelligence and analytics to gain greater insights, make good risk selection, service customers, market and sell products, and differentiate the company. PDF (932.04KB) Video (00:04:01)

Image: Insurance Bureau of Canada Insurance Bureau of Canada engaged IBM to perform a proof-of-concept project that successfully automated the detection of potential claim fraud and the identification of possible fraud rings. PDF (695.68KB)

Image: First Tennessee Bank First Tennessee Bank increased marketing response rate by 3.1 percent by using predictive analytics to more accurately target offers to high-value customers. PDF (357.75KB) Video (00:04:12)

Image: Pioneer West Virginia Credit Union Pioneer West Virginia Credit Union reduced its loan delinquency ratio by 95% in one year by gaining the insights to understand operations in a near-real-time environment. PDF (820.49KB) Video (00:04:28)

Image: Barclays Barclays used advanced analytics in a collaborative forum to reveal hot topics and sentiments in real time, helping ensure its global workforce aligned with the bank’s customer-centric strategy. PDF (932.83KB)

Image: NYSE NYSE Euronext employed a data warehousing solution to accelerate and simplify analytic processes, so surveillance experts could more readily spot emerging trends in insider trading and market manipulation. PDF (1.013.56KB)

Image: Fiserv Fiserv, a financial services leader, uses IBM Big Data & Analytics technologies to provide trusted data and analysis to clients, and insights from billions of transactions for better targeted offers. Video (00:02:29)

Image: T-Mobile T-Mobile uses big data and analytics to gain insight into data flowing through its entire network in seconds, and enhance the veracity of that data to above 99.99 percent. Video (00:03:10)

Image: Sprint velocity Sprint Velocity stores driver preferences in the cloud so drivers can use their smartphones in their vehicle compartments to create a more personalized experience. Video (00:00:40)

Image: Consolidated Communications Holdings Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc. used IBM analytics technologies to detect 100 percent of major incidents in its network and eliminate manual thresholds for a USD300,000 projected annual cost avoidance. PDF (683.69KB)

image: meteolytix GmbH XO Communications uses IBM Big Data & Analytics capabilities to identify subscribers at risk of leaving and improve their experience, increasing retention and helping XO recover millions in revenue. PDF (777.20KB)

Image: Ufone Ufone, a Pakistan-based wireless carrier, deployed the analytics capabilities of IBM Watson Foundations in culling call detail records to create more precisely targeted offers, reducing customer churn. PDF (411.13KB)

Image: Sprint Sprint uses big data analytics to put real-time intelligence and control back into the network, driving a 90% increase in capacity. Video (00:03:06)

Image: C Spire Wireless C Spire Wireless used IBM predictive analytics on customer-behavior and account-profile data to optimize its service mix and offers, increasing the efficacy of its customer retention campaigns by half. PDF (77.68KB)

Image: TEOCO TEOCO enabled CSPs to access and analyze massive amounts of big data to uncover the source of cost and network issues, a move that is helping providers save millions of dollars. PDF (746.6KB)

Image: Qualcomm Qualcomm consolidated its large data warehouses to make advanced analytics simpler, faster and more accessible, and lower infrastructure costs. PDF (703.9KB) Video (00:04:18)

Image: Catalonia Catalonia Department of Health uses big data and analytics to offer care providers a complete view of multi-chronic-patient data—to predict critical points in patients’ care. Video (00:03:03)

Image: Premier healthcare alliance Premier healthcare alliance used analytics to manage big data across clinical, operational and supply chain systems, providing a broader informational platform for evidence-based clinical practice. PDF (1.38MB) Video (00:03:13)

Image: WellPoint, Inc. WellPoint uses the evidence-based learning capabilities of IBM Watson to generate confidence-scored recommendations that help nurses make utilization-management decisions based on clinical and patient data. PDF (1.23MB)

Image: McKesson Corp. McKesson Corp. deployed IBM predictive analytics for a granular, end-to-end view of its supply chain, improving inventory management and supply chain efficiency and reducing working capital needs by USD1 billion. PDF (77.34KB)

Image: Seattle Children’s Hospital Seattle Children’s Hospital, a leading children’s hospital in the US, employed IBM analytics solutions to extract critical insights from vast and complex data, helping to improve patient care. Video (00:02:08)

Image: Memorial Healthcare System Memorial Healthcare System uses IBM content analytics to cull insights from vendor data, reducing invoice cycles by about 40 percent and revealing vendor relationship problems to mitigate fraud risks. PDF (1.30MB) Video (00:04:26)

Image: Seton Healthcare Family Seton Healthcare Family minimized readmission of patients who had suffered congestive heart failure by uncovering insights trapped in unstructured data to identify at-risk patients. Video (00:03:01)

Image: UCLA Department of Neurosurgery UCLA Department of Neurosurgery uses IBM predictive analytics to forecast life-threatening pressure inside the skull from traumatic brain injury, estimated to affect 1.7 million Americans each year. Video (00:01:27)

image: MSK Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center uses IBM Watson to compare patient data to massive volumes of medical literature to make individualized recommendations to physicians. PDF (1.18MB)

image: McKinley Children’s Center McKinley Children’s Center applied analytics to identify the key home and social variables that will yield the best outcome for each child with special welfare needs. PDF (720.09KB)

Image: Novartis AG Novartis AG reduced litigation and regulatory compliance risk by retaining the data needed for business or legal purposes, and disposing of unnecessary data. Video (00:03:32)

Image: SHOP.CA, the largest e-commerce marketplace in Canada, uses IBM advanced analytics solutions to improve the search experience, target personalized emails and improve click-through rates 300 to 500 percent. PDF (146.78KB)

image: Luxottica Luxottica used IBM Big Data & Analytics capabilities and a solution from Aginity to identify their highest-value customers from nearly 100 million and create personalized marketing campaigns. PDF (84.34KB)

image: meteolytix GmbH meteolytix GmbH used the predictive analytics capabilities of IBM Watson Foundations in analyzing weather forecast data to accurately anticipate daily sales at individual bakeries. PDF (674.04KB)

Image: ConAgra Mills ConAgra Mills used IBM Big Data & Analytics technologies to translate market and production information into empirically based recommendations for the sales force, improving decisions and increasing capacity utilization. Video (00:04:11) Visit the web page

Image: USC Annenberg USC Annenberg Innovation Lab captured and analyzed millions of social media conversations, uncovering consumer sentiment in near-real time that could potentially influence outcomes. PDF (657.22KB) Video (00:03:19)

Image: University of Western Ontario University of Western Ontario physicists use IBM stream computing to analyze thousands of synchrotronic images in real time, so researchers can review outputs and test alternative theories during the experiment. PDF (1.37MB)

Image: Waterbury Public Schools Waterbury Public Schools adopted IBM advanced analytics to gain unprecedented insight into student performance and share the data with key decision-makers, driving timelier intervention for students at risk of under-performing. PDF (621.75KB)

Image: NCSU North Carolina State University is using an IBM content analytics solution on the cloud to develop a smarter computing environment that helps students learn to make data-driven decisions. Video (00:03:46)

image: University of Telecommunications Leipzig University of Telecommunications Leipzig adopted analytics to scan job postings for emerging trends, helping to align the curriculum with employers' requirements and better prepare students for the job market. PDF (126.17KB)

Image: University of California University of California significantly improved its enterprise risk information system, reducing the cost of risk and representing USD493 million in cost reduction. Video (00:03:40)

Image: U.S. Open U.S. Open used predictive analytics and cloud computing to improve the experience for everyone: fans, tennis players, event organizers and broadcasters. PDF (1.03MB) Video (00:02:47)

Image: Wimbledon Championships Wimbledon Championships uses IBM analytics capabilities to deliver detailed real-time match data with sentiment analysis to mobile, TV and web viewers of the prestigious and popular sporting event. PDF (1.19MB)

Image: Leicester Tigers Leicester Tigers Football Club uses IBM predictive analytics on physical and psychological stress data to help forecast which players are likely to reach their injury threshold, so the team remains strong. PDF (71.10KB)

Image: eHarmony eHarmony uses IBM Big Data & Analytics to extract insights from petabytes of member behavior data to deliver more personalized messages to target audiences and improve its matching algorithm. PDF (84.05KB)

image: Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium uses analytics to correlate historical point-of-sale and climate data, revealing weather-driven attendance trends that can help managers adjust staffing needs. PDF (70.95KB)

Image: Daimler AG Daimler AG harnessed predictive analytics to boost productivity of its cylinder-head production in its Stuttgart factory by 25 percent and cut its ramp-up time in half. PDF (603.55KB)

Image: FleetRisk FleetRisk Advisors used IBM predictive analytics on vehicle log and other system data to assess key risk factors, such as fatigue, to identify drivers who are at greatest risk of accident. PDF (779.42KB)

Image: Continental corp Continental Corp is developing a cloud-enabled data platform that uses onboard sensors and crowdsourced vehicular data to predict traffic conditions and help make the roads safer. Visit the web page

Image: Dublin City Council uses IBM predictive analytics capabilities on geospatial data from GPS-equipped buses to provide near-real-time estimates for bus arrival and transit times, improving service and reducing congestion. PDF (81.82KB)

Image: Denihan Hospitality Group Denihan Hospitality Group, which offers upscale boutique hotels in major US markets, uses IBM analytics capabilities to provide guests with the right room at the right time and price. Video (00:03:51)

Image: Vestas Vestas of Denmark uses IBM Big Data & Analytics technology to analyze a wide range of weather data to help situate wind turbines for optimal energy output. Video (00:01:30)

Image: nVizo nViso uses IBM advanced analytics capabilities for insights from sentiment data captured by its facial imaging solution running on the IBM SmartCloud platform to help turn browsing shoppers into buyers. PDF (662.76KB) Video (00:02:43)

Image: Fluid, Inc. Fluid, Inc. developed an expert personal shopper app powered by IBM Watson that turns shoppers into buyers by putting an expert sales associate in the online consumer’s hands. PDF (84.87KB)

Image: AP (Thailand) AP (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd. used predictive analytics to precisely target market segments, increasing customer response and accelerating delivery of sales promotions. PDF (74.42KB)

Image: Baker & McKenzie Baker & McKenzie uses IBM analytics capabilities to win more cases, with greater efficiency and at lower cost, by analyzing case documentation to reveal previously unknown relational insights. Video (00:03:23)

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