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Optimise operations and
reduce fraud

Organisations in every industry struggle to do more with less. But complex operations and incomplete visibility into all areas of the business can lead to inefficient processes and high costs. And more streaming data-much of it unstructured or machine-generated-needs to be assessed in real time. You must be able to sense and respond in the moment.

Three-quarters of organisations surveyed by the IBM Institute for Business Value are beating their competitors by using analytics to uncover insights that are hidden within their data. These insights can help detect and prevent fraud, and help ensure operations run efficiently. By combining descripive, predictive and prescripive analyses into a system that identifies anomalies and recommends action, decision makers get the answers they need-when they need them.

Machine-generated data will increase to 42% of all data by 2020 up from 11% in 2005

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Gain insight into the health of your assets (US)

When assets are down, costs go up. Whether it’s manufacturing equipment, field assets or products, you need to keep downtime and failures to a minimum. Predicting when assets may fail can help you take a proactive approach to prevent or minimise costly outages.

Detect and prevent fraud to shrink costs (US)

Organisations face many threats on a daily basis, whether from external sources or their own employees and systems. To minimise the costs and damage associated with fraud and other threats, you must detect threats sooner and prevent them from affecting your business.

Use fact-based insights to inform decisions in real time (US)

Top-performing organisations achieve a high level of operational excellence by streamlining processes to meet changing demands. They don’t merely react; they predict upcoming trends, risks and opportunities, using analytics technologies embedded within operational processes to make real-time improvements.

Expand visibility to see patterns, link cases and fight fraud

Fraud is difficult to identify and expensive to investigate. Indicators hide within multiple systems in many different forms. A collaborative, flexible system can extract volumes of data and analyse it in real time, then provide visualisation—graphical representations of patterns and relationships—illustrating fraud.

Reduce costs, increase efficiencies and productivity, and limit threats

Global operations
Global operations
Increase operating margins with improved process efficiency by basing real-time decisions on an optimised blend of predictive models, new data sources and business rules.

Infrastructure and asset efficiency
Infrastructure and asset efficiency
Reduce costs, improve service levels and prevent failures, using machine data with predictive root-cause analysis to optimise operations and identify repair actions.

Counter fraud
Counter fraud
Identify fraudulent activity, financial crimes and improper payments, and determine appropriate actions to mitigate these events with the intent to reduce loss and improve customer experience.

Public safety and defense
Public safety and defense
Detect and prevent unwanted threats in cities, borders, facilities and infrastructure by tracking unwanted activity and predicting the likelihood of incidents.