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Maximise insight, ensure trust and improve IT economics

Data is the world’s newest natural resource, and how you use it can be a game
changer. Organisations that quickly derive insights from all data and infuse analytics
into everything they do can gain a competitive advantage.

IBM Watson Foundations is a big data and analytics platform that uniquely delivers innovative capabilities that can help organisations outperform the competition.

Make data make sense: IBM Watson Foundations

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IBM Watson Foundations is a comprehensive set of big data and analytics capabilities that can enable you to analyse all relevant data to gain fresh insights in real time and the confidence to act on them.

Harness and analyse all data

Explore your data, at rest or in motion, closer to where it resides
for near-real-time analysis and insight.

Get started with:
Data management Hadoop systems
Data warehousing Stream computing (US)
Content management

Infuse a full range of analytics throughout
your organisation

Deliver insights into every decision, every business process and
every system of engagement to drive better business outcomes.

Get started with:
Decision management Content analytics
Planning and forecasting Discovery and exploration
Business intelligence Predictive analytics

Be proactive about privacy and governance

Ensure that all data you analyse is safe, secure and accurate.

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Information integration and governance (US)
Image: BDA - Infrastructure

Infrastructure matters to gain new levels of analytical insights and to achieve competitive advantage. IBM Watson Foundations is supported by an integrated, high-performance infrastructure comprising core server, security, networking and systems software technology that can reduce IT complexity and enable your organisation to infuse analytics everywhere.

Get started with:
IBM Systems (US) IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data (US) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from IBM Cloud

Power systems open innovation to put data to work

Introducing POWER8-designed for big data and optimised for analytics performance. POWER8 allows you to capitalise on the currency of data by finding business insights faster and more efficiently.

Get started with:
IBM Solution for Hadoop - Power Systems Edition (US) IBM BLU Acceleration - Power Systems Edition (US) IBM Solution for Analytics - Power Systems Edition (US)