The IBM Strategy

03 We are enabling systems of
for enterprises.
And we are leading by example.


Social. Mobile. Security. They are empowering people
with knowledge, enriching them through networks
and changing expectations.

The phenomena of data and cloud are changing the arena of global business and society. At the same time, rapidly growing mobile technology and social business are giving birth to a new category of IT services and capabilities, aimed at engagement with increasingly empowered individuals.

84% of Millennials say social and user-generated content has an influence on what they buy

70% of Boomers agree

5 minutes The response time users expect from a company once they have contacted it via social media

84% of smartphone users check an app as soon as they wake up

80% of individuals are willing to trade their information for a personalized offering

2/3 of US adults say they would not return to a business that lost their personal, confidential information


A systematic approach to engagement is now required.

Leaders will:

Use mobile and social to increase speed and responsiveness—and meet customers, partners and employees where they are.

Want to personalize every meaningful interaction.

Need to earn continuously the right to serve customers—which demands privacy, security and trust.


We have built a portfolio that enables enterprises and communities to engage customers, employees and citizens securely.


security experts, 3,000 mobile experts, 2,800 social business experts


patents in mobile, social and security technologies

#1 and #1

market leader for enterprise social software; market leader in security and vulnerability management1

7 of 10

top banks in the US, 9 of the top 10 in the UK and 2 of the top 4 in Australia use IBM Security Solutions


companies acquired for mobile capabilities like mobile messaging for marketers and secure mobile app delivery


companies acquired for security technologies like web fraud detection, sophisticated malware, and device management


security labs globally, 10 security operations centers globally

15 billion

security events monitored daily in 130 countries

  1. IDC, Worldwide Enterprise Social Software 2013–2017 Forecast and 2012 Vendor Shares, Doc #241323, June, 2013
    IDC, Worldwide Security and Vulnerability Management 2013–2017 Forecast and 2012 Vendor Shares, Doc #242465, August, 2013

Our mobile, social and security portfolio generated double-digit revenue growth in 2013.


growth in Mobile


growth in Social Business


growth in Security

And we are leading by example.

Collectively developing insights

For more than a decade we’ve used Jams—large-scale online collaborations—to collectively define our corporate values, generate new business ideas and rally around opportunities for societal improvement. In 2013, IBMers worldwide shaped nine practices that translate our values into consistent actions and behaviors. These practices are now shaping our systems for hiring, learning and management.


IBMers active in Client Collaboration Hubs for our top 300 accounts


active IBM users on our Connections social platform


employees collaborated in an online Jam to shape nine practices that distinguish IBMers


Connections communities established by employees for projects, areas of expertise or general interests