The IBM Strategy

01 We are making markets
by transforming industries
and professions with


Data is becoming the world’s new natural resource.

Today, every discussion about changes in technology, business and society must begin with data. In its exponentially increasing volume, velocity and variety, data is becoming a new natural resource. It promises to be for the 21st century what steam power was for the 18th, electricity for the 19th and hydrocarbons for the 20th.

1 trillion

connected objects and devices on the planet generating data by 2015

2.5 billion

gigabytes of data generated every day


of the world’s data is unstructured. Audio. Video. Sensor data. Blogs. Tweets. All represent new areas to mine for insights.

analytics-unstructured-data-graphic analytics-unstructured-data-graphic-m


Data is the new basis of competitive advantage.

Leaders will:

Drive business outcomes by applying more sophisticated analytics across more disparate data sources in more parts of their organization.

Capture the time value of data by developing “speed of insight” and “speed of action” as core differentiators.

Change the game in their industry or profession with cognitive capability.


We have built the world’s broadest and deepest portfolio in data and analytics.

$24 billion

invested to date to build IBM’s capabilities in Big Data and analytics, with $7 billion in organic investment

$17 billion

of gross spend for Big Data and analytics acquisitions, including more than 30 acquired companies


analytics consultants and 400 mathematicians


client engagements to date

$1 billion

investment in Flash technology, providing industry-leading speed and efficiency to enable data to be real-time ready for analytics


university partnerships, and 2,215 IBM Business Partners


analytics patents generated each year


of IBM Research is focused on data, analytics and cognitive computing

We are building Watson solutions and technologies for the era of cognitive computing.

In January 2014 we launched the IBM Watson Group to bring cognitive capabilities—built on technologies like machine learning, complex algorithms and natural language processing—to enterprises, institutions and individuals via the cloud.

Watson technology processes information by understanding natural language, generating hypotheses based on evidence, and learning as it goes. This means organizations and individuals can more fully understand the data that surrounds them, and use that data to make better decisions.

$1 billion

investment, including $100 million to equip an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and partners


engineers, researchers, developers, designers and sellers

Watch the Watson video. What Will You Do With Watson?

We have significantly increased analytics revenue through strategic investments, and new skills and capabilities.

Analytics Revenue: 2013 - $16 billion; 2010 - 11 billion Analytics Revenue: 2013 - $16 billion; 2010 - 11 billion