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Stream Computing continuously analyzes data in motion
Store less, analyze more and act faster
Store less, analyze more and act faster
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What is Stream Computing?
Stream Computing enables organizations to process data streams which are always on and never ceasing. Stream Computing helps organizations spot opportunities and risks across all data.

IBM Stream Computing continuously analyzes data and connects to all data sources. IBM Stream Computing offers a complete solution with a development environment, runtime and analytics toolkits such as natural language processing, image/voice recognition and spatial temporal analysis.
Streaming Analytics on Bluemix
Turn data streams into insight
Capture data and enable intelligent applications so you can spot opportunities and risks sooner and be faster than the competition. Try our Bluemix service.
Stream computing
Solutions for your business
Build, deploy and monitor streams applications
Speed time to value for streams applications
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Make streams continuously available
Extend analysis across all data streams
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Explore, analyze and visualize streams
Integrate with business solutions
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Build, deploy and monitor streams applications
Rich Eclipsed-based, visual IDE lets solution architects visually build applications or use familiar tools like Java or Scala. Also, access analytic toolkits on GitHub to jumpstart development and support community innovation.
  • Provides intuitive performance monitoring to ensure high service levels
  • Comes with wizards, drag/drop development, performance dashboards, and debugger to provide faster time to deployment
  • Quick to start with support for Java, PMML, R, C/C++ support
Make streams continuously available
Data engineers can connect with virtually any data source whether structured, unstructured or streaming, and integrate with Hadoop, Spark and other data infrastructures.
  • An open architecture built for speed with an open architecture and is integrated with Kafka, HDFS, Zookeeper, JSON & more
  • Analyzes millions of events/second
  • Has an ultra-low latency clustered runtime
Explore, analyze and visualize streams
Business users can visualize and explore data streams in IBM Watson™ Explorer, Microsoft Excel, Cognos or your platform of choice.
  • Brings the full power of Excel to data streams with IBM Streams plug-in for Microsoft Excel
  • Integrates with Cognos and Watson Explorer, and more, to visualize data streams
  • Builds in domain analytics like machine learning, natural language, spatial-temporal, text, acoustic, and more, to create adaptive streams applications
The rise of the machine data
IBM Streams and Apache Storm performance analysis
Analyst firm 451 reviews IBM Streams
Thousands of sensors, monitors and other technologies in the Internet of Things are leading to the rise of the machine.
Explore how IBM Streams performs relative to Apache Storm including throughput, CPU time, parallelism and number of processing nodes.
Analyst firm 451 discusses the market impact of IBM Streams and IBM's market first enhancements including the first streaming analytics solution to integrate with Microsoft Excel.
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