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Deliver high data performance at cost-effective scale

Manage your data and content in on-premises, cloud or hybrid cloud environments, and adapt
easily to changing business requirements.


A hybrid and fluid architecture increases the value of your data and analytics platform

An analytics platform with a hybrid and fluid architecture can improve data performance for multiple use cases at cost-effective scale. As more data moves to the cloud while other information remains on premises, a hybrid and fluid architecture can help you add new and different data stores without changing queries.

Take advantage of build-once, deploy-anywhere simplicity with queries, reports and analytics that are data-store agnostic for increased flexibility and agility. IBM fully supports the management of all types of data and content, whether in relational databases, content repositories, Apache™ Hadoop®, NoSQL databases, R programming language or other environments.

Operational databases provide an agile foundation for analytics

Operational database management systems provide a single, powerful foundation for online transaction processing and analytics. These databases can increase your business agility, reduce your infrastructure cost and complexity, and improve the governance and security of your data.

IBM helps you:

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Increase your insight and accelerate action by capturing, analyzing and protecting business content

Lower cost and risk while increasing the value of your data by effectively managing unstructured content.

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Make your data smarter and faster with data warehousing

A logical data warehouse helps you organize and exploit all your data assets, enabling analytics with speed and simplicity.

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Operational databases provide an agile foundation for transactions and analytics

These solutions deliver a range of hybrid and fluid architecture capabilities

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